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Mike Arons Scholarship Award

It is not easy to define psychological growth. And hence it has not been easy to really define Humanistic Psychology which concerns itself with growth. By the same token, expectations of what will be growth inducing, whether this be expectations of a faculty preparing a program or expectations of a student, entering such a program can be disillusioning .

For growth often occurs existentially, defying expectations.   Paradox reigns in the growth adventure.  And yet programs are developed intentionally by men {and women} with purposes.  The West Georgia Psychology program was intentionally developed to induce psychological growth and to understand, to the extent which this is possible, the dimensions of growth.  Paradoxically the program was initiated by a faculty of which few members, at the time, called themselves humanistic psychologists.  They simply sensed out of their personal and professional experience that something important was missing from psychology and education.   

~Dr. Myron (Mike) Arons~  

The department of psychology at the University of West Georgia is pleased to announce the Mike Arons Humanistic Psychology Scholarship.  The scholarship was established to honor Dr. Myron (Mike) Arons who founded the humanistic psychology program at the University of West Georgia.    

The scholarship will be awarded based on the following criteria:  

  1. The recipient shall be a graduate student in the Masters program in psychology.
  2. The recipient shall demonstrate a working knowledge of major thinkers and the conceptual underpinnings of Humanistic Psychology.
  3. The recipient shall demonstrate creative ways of engaging psychological challenges; whether academic, professional, or personal in nature.
  4. The recipient shall demonstrate a willingness to extend his or her knowledge to social and cultural contexts.  

Applications are due by April 19, 2013  

Mike Arons, who founded the humanistic psychology program at the University of West Georgia, was one of the pioneers/founders of the field of humanistic psychology.  He is recognized both nationally and internationally.  

Unfortunately, this year we are not able to offer financial support to the recipient. Consistent with the life and work of Dr. Arons, the project should be one of intrinsic value!  

Please submit applications to Victoria Yang in the department office.