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Our Mission:               

The Humanistic Psychology at Work: Transformational Leadership Conference seeks to help you learn to lead others toward their potential, as well as, assist in understanding your own personal process of lifelong growth. This includes presentations which seek to bring awareness to the infinite potential of all people, such as, "Personal and Professional Growth at Midlife" and "Disasters and Mental Health." Furthermore, this conference will assist in overcoming limiting mindsets that impede transformation and growth personally and as leaders. Humanistic Psychology will begin to play an important role in how you work, and begin to lead to new and limitless horizons of potential.   

About Us:

The Department of Psychology at the University of West Georgia is unique in that our theoretical roots are in humanistic, transpersonal, and critical psychology. Our courses range from classically humanistic concerns - like the centrality of human subjective experience in psychology, holistic approaches to psychological understanding, human growth and development, and the enhancement of human potential - to contemporary attention to transpersonal and spiritual horizons. Themes such as the meaning of genuine community, sociality, understanding oneself and others, and the myriad ways through which we grow and develop are central to our academic learning environment.