Psychology Home at The University of West Georgia


Thank you for your interest in the psychology program at the University of West Georgia.  You are showing interest in a field where the opportunities for careers are exponentially expanding.  Because the opportunities in psychology are growing in number and scope, our department offers a unique approach to psychology that allows students to explore their personal interests in this growing field in innovative ways.

We design our classes to encourage students to explore and understand their experiences as a primary source of psychological data.  We believe that to understand psychology effectively and help others, self understanding is essential.  Therefore, beyond traditional classes in psychological theory and research, we introduce the student to a variety of concepts and experiences that foment self understanding and personal growth.  Human growth and development, psychology as a human science, personal relations, social psychology, creativity, psychology of dreams,  psychology of mind and body, psychology of gender, abnormal psychology, and introduction to psychotherapy are just a few of the courses we offer to help students in their intellectual and personal growth.

Many of our students go on to obtain advanced degrees in psychology either here at the University of West Georgia or elsewhere.  However, having to go to graduate school to use your psychological skills is not necessary.  The study of psychology has been found to be good preparation for many other professions.  Often, employers are interested in the skills that psychology majors bring to the workplace such as interpersonal awareness, problem solving, the ability to communicate, and their experiences with research design.  Some of our majors have found psychology to be an excellent background for business, law, teaching, and various fields of health care.

If this exploration sounds interesting to you, we want you to know that a department that has a national and international reputation in the field supports your success.  However, the same faculty members who are published in national and international journals and who make presentations to global audiences are present in the classroom to share their knowledge and experiences with you.

Again, thank you for your interest. Please feel free to explore our web site as it offers much information about our program.