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General Resources

Field Psych Trust: Honoring the professional life and contributions of Arthur Combs, provides grant funding to encourage graduate student research grounded in Perceptual (Field) Psychology perspectives. Organized by our emeritus Anne Richards.

Personality Theories: E-text by Dr. C. George Boeree.  Examines a number of theories of personality, from Freud to Frankl, Adler to Allport, Skinner to sociobiology, Bandura to Buddhist psychology.  Includes biographies, basic terms and concepts, assessment methods and therapies, discussions and anecdotes, and references for further reading.

Psychology Web: From psychology courses to detailed information on copyright law.

Psychology resources on the Psych Web: Resources for students and teachers.

Chronicle of Higher Education Jobs

Master's In Psychology


Childspirit Institute: A non-profit organization dedicated to understanding and nurturing the spirituality of children and adults.  Executive board includes our own Tobin Hart & Jim Dillon.

Tricycle: The Buddhist Review.

The Baha'i World


Journal of Consciousness Studies

Altered States of Consciousness

The Psyche-D Discussion group archives

Lucidity Institute: Lucid Dream Research

Humanistic Psychology & Philosophy

The Maslow Nidus

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