Psychology Home at The University of West Georgia

Program Review Self Study (2006-2007)

Part 1 - Overview
Self-Study Parameters;  The Humanistic/Transpersonal Orientation

Part 2 - Introduction

Part 3 - Mission Statement

Part 4 - Outcomes
Generic Data;  FTE, Majors/Pre-majors/Minors, Graduate Students, Degrees Conferred, University Mission and Visionary Goals;  Core Curriculum;  Supportive Courses;  Undergraduate [B.A.] Program; Minor;  Graduate [M.A.] Program;  Proposed Doctoral [Ph.D.]  Program

Part 5 - Summary of Departmental Highlights & Faculty Achievements

Part 6 - Available Resources for Support of Departmental Programs
Library;  Space;  Budgetary Matters

Part 7 - Strategic Assessment
Concluding Summary Statement: Viability, Productivity & Quality.

Appendixes (Appendixes without a link are located in the departmental office)
A. University System of Georgia 2001 Comprehensive Program Review Trigger Report
B. SPARC (Programs)
C. Summary of Variable Credit Supervision (1998-2001)
D. Approved Learning Outcomes, Core Curriculum
E. Survey of Graduates
F. Summary of Department Minutes (re: Faculty Assessment of Curricula)
G. Oral Exam Assessment Form
H. Final Exam Responses (PSYC 6400, Spring 2001)
I. External Review / Accreditation
J. Composite Board Agreement (re: Licensure)
K. Enhanced Research Track
L. Program of Study: Concentration in Organizational Development
M. Budgetary Resources
N. Program Highlights Display Board
O. Departmental Undergraduate Brochure
P. Course Objectives Approved at Semester Conversion 

Prepared by the Program Review Self-Study Committee:

Mark Kunkel, Ph.D.,
Kareen Malone, Ph.D.,
Don Medeiros, Ph.D.,
Lisa Osbeck, Ph.D.,
Jeff Reber, Ph.D.
Anne Richards, Ed.D., Coordinator

with the assistance of departmental faculty
Chris Aanstoos, Ph.D.,
Jim Dillon, Ph.D.,
Eric Dodson, Ph.D.,
Tobin Hart, Ph.D.,
Daniel Helminiak, Ph.D.,
Elena Mustakova-Possardt, Ed.D.,
Don Rice, Ph.D.,
Larry Schor, Ph.D.;

with secretarial support provided by
Morgen East

with the assistance in compilation and analysis of survey data results by
Margret Chang of the Advanced Academy

with technical support provided by
Blake Adams

and with summaries of pertinent data made available by
Andrew Luna, Director of Institutional Research and Planning,
and Institutional Research Analysts Elaine Harper and Tara Pearson