Psychology Home at The University of West Georgia

Mission Statement


The mission of the Psychology Department at the undergraduate and graduate levels is to approach the subject matter of Psychology in such a way as to facilitate understanding of oneself and others

  • as foundational to personal growth and development,
  • as the ground for a deeper understanding of the nature of psychology itself, and
  • as central to professional development.

This long-standing emphasis of the department is consistent with the University’s aim to provide educational excellence in a personal environment.

Secondly, the Department aims to provide the disciplinary context that would allow students and faculty to address social and personal issues in a specifically psychological manner. This entails acquiring knowledge of humanistic and other alternative approaches in psychology as well as acquaintance with the discipline’s traditional issues and self-definition as a natural or social science. Such a broad scope accords well with the University’s emphasis on critical scholarly inquiry and creativity.

Scope and character of the teaching, research and service activities of the department. Identification of the persons or groups that the department serves, how it serves them, and the results of the service.

Our departmental approach emphasizes teaching excellence characterized by:

  • personal attention (e.g., integral to our disciplinary approach, advisement, mentoring, sponsorship of colloquia and dialogue sessions);
  • experiential involvement (e.g., opportunities for students to reflect on the application of psychological ideas to their personal experiences through activities such as journals and other written assignments, self-awareness projects and presentations);
  • critical examination and exploration of the discipline of Psychology (e.g., assignments such as response papers, essay examinations, integrative literature reviews); and
  • pre-professional preparation and social application (e.g., as facilitated by practica, internships, and other field-related projects, and increased familiarity with opportunities for employment and graduate study in psychology).

The departmental approach to research and scholarship emphasizes involvement appropriate to various levels of professional development as related to:

  • appreciation of the significance of disciplined inquiry;
  • application of methods appropriate to distinctly human questions (be these methods traditional or alternative);