Psychology Home at The University of West Georgia

Courses & Syllabi

PSYC-1030 Personal Relationships
PSYC-1040 Career and Job Search Strategies
PSYC-1101 Introduction to General Psychology
PSYC-2010 Psychology as a Human Science
PSYC-2XXX University System Studies Abroad
PSYC-3010 Human Growth and Development
PSYC-3110 Human Sexuality
PSYC-3150 Abnormal Psychology
PSYC-3200 Introduction to Organizational Development
PSYC-3310 Psychological Services
PSYC-3470 Existential Psychology
PSYC-3580 Holistic Health Psychology
PSYC-3590 Sports Psychology
PSYC-3600 Psychology of Communication
PSYC-3703 Behavior Modification
PSYC-3730 Social Psychology
PSYC-3760 Foundations of Neuroscience
PSYC-3800 Psychology of Mind and Body
PSYC-3900 Personality Theories
PSYC-4000 Humanistic Psychology
PSYC-4003 Statistics for the Social Sciences
PSYC-4010 Theories of Psychology
PSYC-4030 History and Philosophy of Psychology
PSYC-4040 Psychology of Dreams
PSYC-4070 Psychology of Myth and Symbol
PSYC-4085 Horizon Seminar
PSYC-4090 Groups and Group Process
PSYC-4130 Eastern and Transpersonal Psychologies
PSYC-4140 Psychology of Gender
PSYC-4150 Tests and Measurements
PSYC-4160 Psychology of Love
PSYC-4190 Advanced Organizational Development
PSYC-4200 Parapsychology
PSYC-4220 Research Explorations
PSYC-4230 Phenomenological Psychology
PSYC-4270 Psychology of Childhood
PSYC-4280 Psychology of Adolescence and Adulthood
PSYC-4290 Moral and Social Development
PSYC-4350 Culture and Psychology
PSYC-4360 Community Psychology
PSYC-4500 Explorations into Creativity
PSYC-4650 Transpersonal Development
PSYC-4660 Advanced Topics in Abnormal Psychology
PSYC-4670 Values, Meaning, and Spirituality
PSYC-4760 Introduction to Psychotherapy
PSYC-4864 Consumer Behavior
PSYC-4881 Independent Study in Psychology
PSYC-4884 Integrative Seminar
PSYC-4887 Practicum: Experiences in Human Services