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Book Binding

Print your classroom materials, thesis, or that novel you've been working on, with our on-site CoverBind options. Many styles are available, from a formal black hardbound cover, to a full-color softbound one with your photos or art. Also offered are coil or spiral binding, comb binding, saddle- or side-stitching,

Peep-hole covers reveal part of the cover page art.

Work ahead of your scheduled print date, since some specialty cover materials are not kept in stock and must be ordered.


Samples of book binding are on display
in the lobby. Some options are
(see sketches below):

•Spiral or coil binding
•Comb binding
•Soft cover, called perfect binding - Think
paperback book. (Not pictured)
•Hard covers (called case binding) - Can be
printed with full color, full bleed coverage.
•Bind with a see-through plastic cover
to reveal your the inside cover page.
Covers can be frosted or clear (below)
•Chose a peep-hole cover to reveal a part
of your cover page (top)


Price depends on quantity and size.
Base costs for book binding are $4
for softbound and $8 for hardbound.
Some of the options available
on campus are:

See-through covers can be clear or frosted.