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Basic Facts and Features

The Department of Publications and Printing operates Macintosh computers supporting a variety of software packages. Most Mac and PC word processing files can be brought into our system. If in doubt, contact Debby Holcombe to ask if your particular software program is supported. (See Tips.)

Before You Come In

The Publication and Printing staff is available to help you make your printing decisions, but it's a good idea to have several basics in mind before you bring in your print request. To place a job or to obtain an estimate, you will be asked about:

Available Options

For those printing requests which require pagination, you have several options. For quick copies:

For the offset printing presses: 

Some examples:

These are some of the design elements we can handle for you. We'll be happy to discuss with you the most cost effective way to accomplish your project.

Type Fonts

The Department of Publications and Printing has hundreds of styles available. If you are using a special font in the Macintosh format, you may need to include that font on your disk. If you are unsure, call Debby Holcombe to check for the availability of your typeface in our system.

Proof Reading

All jobs must be proof read by the customer at least once, and the proof must be returned with its signed and dated proof ticket before work can continue. Even those jobs you submit using your computer disk need to be read because translation to a print-ready format can create unexpected results. While we try to identify problems, the volume of pages produced daily makes it impossible for staff to thoroughly check your proof for you. This important stage marks the last chance to identify problems and fix them easily and inexpensively.
(See How to Read a Proof.)  

Finding the Problems Before They Are Printed

Here's how our proof reading system works: