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Quick-Copy Printing

Black and White Copies

If you need copies in a hurry, then quick-copy duplication is what you want. Publications and Printing uses high-speed Xerox production copier/printers with in-line booklet makers and other automated finishing capabilites. (See Finishing and Binding.)    

Color Copies

When you need color copies fast, Your On-Campus Copy Center is your answer. The Xerox C60 is available in the front office for small-quantity, while-you-wait jobs. Long-run jobs are assigned to one of the digital color presses. You can create color covers for your black and white documents, full color posters up to 12" x 18", fliers, brochures and many other useful projects. Color copies cost 50 cents plus paper.

Change Your Black-and-White to Color

Your black and white document can be converted to a one color document (5 color choices); or your color converted to black and white to reduce your printing costs.      

Placing Quick-Copy Requests

You can place most quick-copy requests without consulting department personnel. (See Tips.) There are three ways to place requests:

There are several guidelines to consider:

Test Security

Faculty are asked to sign in exams on the test log and hand them to a staff member to be locked in the test cabinet. After duplicating, tests are again locked in the cabinet until requested. To ensure proper security, do not send exams through campus mail.

Required Information

It is important that the request form is filled out completely, including:

The url for the Quick Copy Request Form is pubprint/index_3190.php and the form will guide you through the information needed.