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ePro Faq's and JOB AIDS

ePro FAQ’s and JOB AIDS

CHECK REQUEST: ePro users should use the new check request form for goods or services that require immediate payment and the need to encumber the funds is not necessary. Payments that qualify for this procedure include, but are not limited to:

Subscriptions        Memberships
Postage               AraMark Food Services

DELL PURCHASES: Click the Dell punchout catalog in GAFirst Marketplace; Page should read University of West Georgia in upper right corner; click quick links (top right corner); equote; enter email address of person who requested the equote (this may be an ITS staff member); click on equote # to verify the items for purchase; click create requisition; click continue; follow instructions until the cart is returned to create requisition page.

SPECIAL REQUEST REQUISITIONS: (Items not found in the GeorgiaFirst Marketplace). These requisitions require manual selection of the vendor. Step #1, Define Requisition, is where the vendor information will be selected. Select Define Requisition; Open Up Line Defaults (indicated by triangle); Select Vendor lookup; Select Short Vendor Name – Find. This will populate your vendor information. Requisitions cannot be sourced to a purchase order without vendor information.

CONSULTANTS: Consultants will require an ePro requisition. The process of hiring a consultant must be approved by Purchasing Services in accordance with state mandated bid requirements. The funds to pay for the consultant should be encumbered (set aside) in order to fulfill the payment request(s) at the end of the consultation period. The AUTHORIZATION FOR EMPLOYMENT OF CONSULTANT form should be attached to the ePro requisition.

ATTACHING DOCUMENTS TO REQUISITIONS: At the Review & Submit Tab – click comments icon (looks like a cloud) at the end of the row – click Add Attachment – Check the Send to Vendor Box – Upload the document that you have saved either on desktop or in a file – Click o.k. – continue processing requisition as usual. This resource should be used for any documents that are pertinent to the purchase, i.e., quotes, proposals, bid documents, consultant authorization, etc.

CONTACT INFORMATION: It is VERY important that a name, department and contact phone number are entered on the header comments of every requisition. Select the Send To Vendor check box in order for the information to print on the purchase order and provide the supplier with your contact information should any questions arise. This information is also critical for our Central Warehouse delivery process to ensure that your packages are delivered to your department in a timely manner.

GEORGIAFIRST MARKETPLACE: The marketplace can also be used to find statewide contracts (mandatory and convenience) that we, as a state agency, are mandated to use. This link can be found by clicking on the GeorgiaFirst Marketplace, the the contracts tab at the top of the page. There are several ways to search for the particular item of interest. The keyword search is usually the easiest.

MAC COMPUTER USERS: Mac users will need to use Firefox as their web browser. Other web browsers are not compatible at this time.