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Reimbursement Procedures

Occasionally, employees/non employees find it necessary to purchase goods for the University using personal funds and then be reimbursed by the University. These procedures were developed to provide the process to reimburse these purchases. First, the appropriate Director/Department Head/Dean must authorize these purchases. Also, statewide contract and mandatory sources must be adhered to.

Procedures for Reimbursement:

1. Make authorized cash purchase only when a purchase cannot be made effectively by P-Card or Purchase Orderand retain original receipt that indicates amount paid. Receipt must be marked "PAID" if handwritten by the vendor.

2. If purchase is less than $100 and not related to travel, complete petty cash form and attach receipt. Obtain appropriate departmental approval signatures. If the Department Approver is also the Purchaser, the form must be signed by the Department Approvers supervisor. Present signed petty cash form and receipt to the cashier in the Bursar's Office to collect reimbursement.

3. If purchase is more than $100, employee's must be reimbursed through Peolesoft financials module; and the request must contain a justification for not making the purchase with a P-Card or Special Requisition. If the explanation represents a willful disregard for following the required preapproval process, or if similar requests are frequently submitted, the employee responsible for the procurement will be required to provide an explanation to the Director of Purchasing Service, through their Vice President, for not following the appropriate procurement process. Non-employee's must have an employee complete a Special Request in ePro and attach the receipt as a PDF file. Submit ePro Special Requistion and add any required additional approvers. Purchasing Services will process PO after confirming appropriate documentation. Check will be processed and mailed upon approval.

4. No reimbursements should be for more than $1,000.

5. Sales tax may be reimbursed for items purchased on behalf of the University if the reimbursement request includes an explanation for why it was impractical to use the University's Tax Exempt form to avoid paying the tax.You should avoid purchasing personal items on the receipt if at all possible. If personal items are also on the receipt, sales tax will be pro-rated.

6. Freight will be reimbursed for items purchased on behalf of the University. If personal items are also on the receipt, freight will be pro-rated.

7. Occasionally items purchased and shipped to the University only contain a packing slip with no purchase amount listed. These reimbursements must be accompanied by an original credit card statement indicating amount charged.

8. Purchases paid by check (ex. memberships & registrations), where no receipt is available may be reimbursed by presenting an original cancelled check from the bank.

Any questions concerning these procedures should be directed to the Office of the Controller  (678) 839-5075.