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Invoice Approval Process

Approval to pay process for regular purchases:
Since the establishment of ePro, a receipt in the system is the only approval required for an invoice to be paid. Therefore, it is very important for a receipt to be entered in the system in a timely manner for all items physically received. If an invoice is entered in PeopleSoft before you have received the items ordered, you will receive an automatically generated email that references a purchase order number and requisition number. This email will contain a link for you to follow to receive the items that were billed. If you have not physically received the items billed or know of any circumstances that will delay the receipt of the items, please contact Accounts Payable to let them know of the delay.

Approval to pay process for non-ePro purchase orders:
When Accounts Payable receives an invoice for a non-ePro purchase order, they will notify the user department via email that an invoice has been received for a particular PO number and will be paid on a certain date. Reply to the email to approve the payment of the invoice.

Approval to pay process for small value property and capital equipment:
Items profiled as an asset will not be paid until the items have been physically tagged and received by the Asset Management Supervisor.