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Sole Source

Before making a determination of Sole Source, research must be conducted to determine if other products or service providers exist and can satisfy your requirements. If a Sole Source exists, the purchaser must complete the Sole Source Justification Form and attach it to the ePro requisition. The Sole Source justification must include a letter from the Vendor justifying the Sole Source need. The following information must also be included:


1. Scope of Work:

Provide the information to establish the context of the sole source, such as the item or service’s function. Provide where and how the item or service is to be used, operational environment, previous experience or history.

2. Exclusive Capability:

Describe the proposed supplier’s unique capabilities and explain why this is the only source available. Some examples in which Sole Source could be acceptable are:

a. When only the proposed source can furnish the services because of its previous agency/Institute experience and having an alternative source duplicating these capabilities would result in excessive cost to agency/Institute. (Excessive cost must be quantified.)

b. When only one (1) supplier can satisfy the technical requirements because of unique technical competence or expertise. (Technical requirements must be valid and verifiable.)

c. The item does not satisfy the requirements for Sole Source, but the use of any other manufacturer’s product would result in excessive cost to agency/Institute. (Excessive cost must be quantified.)

d. When only one (1) source possesses patents or exclusive rights to manufacture or to furnish the item or service.

e. Other extenuating circumstances or considerations include, as applicable, adverse impacts on agency/Institute of not using the proposed source, and other considerations not previously stated.

All Sole Source procurements $25,000.00 and over must be published by Purchasing Services to the Georgia Procurement Registry for a minimum of three (business days. This process will provide notification of intent to procure as a Sole Source and offer other possible sources an opportunity to respond.