Spring 2014 Session II Calendar

Oct 1                 

Last day to apply for Spring semester graduation

Oct 28

Registration begins for Spring semester for currently enrolled students

Nov 11    

Open Registration for Spring semester begins; Ends Jan. 12

Dec 15- 19

Registration goes down at midnight Dec 15 for internal processing. No adjustments can be made to registration during this period. Registration reopens at 8:00 am on Dec 19.  

Dec 16  

Fee payment deadline for Spring Semester  On-Time/Early Registration - 6:00 PM

Jan 13  

Final fee payment at 6:00 pm. Students with account balances of $300 or more will have their schedules dropped for non-payment at 6:00 pm.  Students with account balances less than $300 will not be dropped from courses but will have a hold added to their record which prevents participation in future registrations and receipt of transcripts.  It is the student’s responsibility to withdraw from courses if they have a balance less than $300.

Jan 6-Mar 4 

Drop/add –session II courses dropped during the drop/add period will receive a refund of paid funds.

Mar 4            

Spring Session II classes begin  

Mar 5     

Withdrawal “W” period begins.  Students who withdraw from a session II course between Mar 5 and Mar 28 will receive a grade of W.  Undergraduate course withdrawals during this period are subject to the Limited Withdrawal Policy. Click Here for more information.

Mar 5

Fee payment deadline @ 6 PM for Session II courses

Mar 7

Faculty Only:  Roster Verification (BanWeb) for Session II courses

Mar 28     

Last day to withdraw from a session II course with a grade of W.  Undergraduate course withdrawals during this period are subject to the Limited Withdrawal Policy.  Click Here for more information.

Apr 21-25

Session II final instruction and exams

Apr 26

Spring 2014 Graduation (Time & details TBA)

Apr 28    

Grades due by NOON;  Summer 2014 fee payment deadline 6 PM