Fall 2016 Session I Calendar

Mar 28

Registration begins for Fall Semester for currently enrolled students; ends July 31

Apr 11

Open Registration for Fall Semester begins; ends July 31


Jun 1 Undergraduate admission and readmission application/document deadline for Fall

Jul 31- Aug 4

Registration goes down at midnight July 31 for internal processing. No adjustments can

be made to registration during this period. Registration reopens at 8:00 am on Aug 4


Aug 1 

First Fee Payment deadline for Tuition/Fees for Fall Semester - 6:00 pm. A zero balance
is required to avoid being dropped for non-payment. Please visit the Bursar's website for
additional information. 


Aug 1 Last day to apply for Fall Semester graduation

Aug 10

Fall Session I (non-eCore) – 8 week classes begin

Aug 10-14

Open Drop– (non-eCore) classes dropped during Open Drop will receive a refund of paid

funds. Open Drop ends at midnight August 14.

Aug 10-15

Open Add- (non-eCore) Classes added during Open Add must be paid for by 6:00 PM on
August 16. Open Add ends at midnight August 15.

Aug 15- Sep 7

Withdrawal "W" period begins for Session I (non-eCore) -8 week courses. Students who withdraw
from a Session I class between  August 15 and midnight September 7 will receive
a grade of W. Reminder: there is no refund associated with withdrawing from a course.


Aug 16

Final fee payment deadline at 6:00 pm. A zero balance is required to avoid being dropped for
 non-payment. Please see the Bursar's Website for additional information.

Aug 16  Last day to apply for Tuition Differential Waivers for Fall 2016. The waiver application and all
supporting documents must be received by the Registrar's Office by 5:00 pm

Aug 19-23  FACULTY ONLY - Roster Verification for Full Term and Session I (non-eCore) courses 

Sep 1 Last Day to Petition for In-State Tuition status for Fall Semester 

Sep 5

Labor Day Holiday, no classes, offices closed


Sep 7 (midnight)

Last day to Withdraw with a grade of W from Session I (non-eCore)- 8 week courses.

Students withdrawing from Session I courses after midnight will be awarded a grade
of WF.
 Note: A WF grade is calculated as an F in the gpa.

Sep 30

Fall Session I (non-eCore) ends; last day of instruction and finals


Oct 1 Last day to apply for Spring Graduation

Oct 24 Registration for Spring semester 2017 begins for currently enrolled students.

Dec 10  Fall Graduation (times & details to be announced)

Dec 12

Grades due by 12:00 – noon; Spring 2017 Fee Payment Deadline at 6 pm.