Fall 2016 Session II Calendar

Mar 28

Registration begins for Fall Semester for currently enrolled students; ends July 31

Apr 11

Open Registration for Fall Semester begins; ends July 31 

Jun 1

Undergraduate admission & readmission application/document deadline for Fall

Jul 31 -Aug 4

Registration goes down at midnight July 31 for internal processing. No adjustments can

be made to registration during this period. Registration reopens at 8:00 am

on Aug 4. 

Aug 1 

First Fee payment deadline for Tuition/Fees for Fall Semester - 6:00 pm.
A zero balance is required to avoid being dropped for non-payment. Please
visit the Bursar's Website for additional information.

Aug 1   Last day to apply for Fall Semester graduation
Sep 1   Last day to Petition for In-State Tuition Status for Fall semester
Oct 1  Last day to apply for Spring semester graduation

Oct 3

Fall Session II (non-eCore) – 8 week courses begin

Oct 3-4 Open Drop/Add. Ends at midnight. 

Oct 5  Fee Payment Deadline for Fall 2016 Session II (non-eCore) - 8 week courses.
A zero balance is required to avoid being dropped for non-payment at 6:00 pm.
Please see the Bursar's website for additional information. 

Oct 5- 28

Withdrawal "W" period for Session II (non-eCore) – 8-week courses. Students who

withdraw from a session II class between Oct 4 and midnight Oct 28

will receive a grade of W.  Reminder: there is no refund associated with
withdrawing from a course.


Oct 6-7  Fall Break, no classes, offices open

Oct 10-11

FACULTY ONLY - Roster Verification for Session II (non-eCore) courses. 

Oct 24  Registration for Spring semester 2017 begins for currently enrolled students. 

Oct 28 (midnight) 

Last day to Withdraw with a grade of W  from Session II (non-eCore) – 8-week courses.
Students withdrawing from Session II courses after midnight will be awarded a WF.
Note: A WF grade is calculated as an F in the gpa.

Nov 21-23

Thanksgiving recess, no classes, offices open

Nov 24-25

Thanksgiving Holiday, no classes, offices closed

Dec 2  Fall Session II (non-eCore)- 8 week courses end

Dec 3-9

Fall Final Examinations. See Exam Schedule for details 

Dec 10

Fall graduation (time & details to be announced)

Dec 12

Grades due by 12:00 – noon; Spring 2017 Fee Payment Deadline at 6 pm.