New Student Registration

Welcome to the University of West Georgia! We are delighted that you will be joining us!
As a new student, you may receive a schedule that was made for you by professional advisors. These schedules were made based on the questionnaire you filled out during registration for Orientation. As part of orientation, new undergraduates will be directed through advisement, registration, and the fee payment process. Having a pre-made schedule allows students more options for class choice, and is designed to make the registration process easier and more efficient for students. You will have an opportunity to change your courses during open registration and drop/add (the first few days of classes).

Transfer Students
As a new transfer student, you will need to attend Orientation prior to registering for courses. You will also need to meet with a professional advisor who will help you make informed decisions about your class schedule. You will have an opportunity to register or change your courses afterwards during open registration and drop/add.

New Readmits and Transients
You can come to the Enrollment Services Center between the hours of 8:00 am and 5:00 pm or you can register online using Banweb during open registration and drop/add. However, course pre-requisites or special approvals may prevent registration on Banweb.

An Auditor is a student who enrolls as an observer or listener only.

In addition to submitting a completed admission application and $40 application fee (if mailing a paper application, please do not mail cash payment.), an auditor must also show proof of graduation from an accredited high school or the possession of a GED certificate. Credit is not awarded for audit and no grade other than V (symbol for audit) is given. Auditors pay the regular fees for enrollment. Students are prohibited from receiving credit for courses for which they were registered as auditors unless the course is repeated for credit.

Since auditors are "visiting" students and not degree seeking UWG students, auditors are not eligible for financial assistance from UWG.

Note: Auditors are eligible to register three days prior to the start of the semester. Visit here for the registration date of the upcoming term. Auditors are eligible to attend in consecutive terms; however, they must reapply and submit an additional $40 application fee (If mailing a paper application, please do not mail cash payment.) if they do not stay continuously enrolled (the requirement to apply and pay the application fee each term is waived for students who stay continuously enrolled). Auditors do not attend new student orientation.

Online eCore Students
Students should read carefully the information found at to be certain eCore learning is right for them and to understand the policies related to eCore courses. Students must complete the eCore Online Orientation before registering for an eCore course. Go here for information about registering for an eCore course:

Again, we welcome you to West Georgia and hope that you will have a successful career with us here!

Important Notice for Spring 2014 Registration:
In each instance above (pre-made schedules for those attending Orientation, and registration for courses by transfer students), students are actually registered for courses and fees are assessed in the 2013 tax year. Even though the courses won’t begin until January 2014, a record of registration and fees is created in 2013. Students traditionally register in December, thus making all charges and fees assessed in 2013. University of West Georgia is required by law to report to the IRS all of those who register for courses in IRS form 1098T in the year that the record is created and in the year fees are assessed. For the 2013 1098T form, we will report that fees are assessed for all classes registered between January 1, 2013 - December 31, 2013. We will however, indicate that the enrollment takes place in another year (2014). To determine the tax implications of the 1098T form in 2013, we suggest that you consult with a tax accoutant.

If you have not yet applied:
See our Admissions page for important document deadlines and application information. They may also be contacted at:

Admissions Office
Mandeville Hall
University of West Georgia
Carrollton, GA 30118
Telephone: (678) 839-4000