Steps for Graduates


Graduate student seeking a Master, Specialist, or Doctorate degree should follow the below steps in order to apply and prepare for graduation.

Step 1. Degree seeking students (students seeking a Masters, Specialist or Doctorate degree) should submit the Online Graduate Application for Graduation* and $40.00 application fee prior to the appropriate deadline listed below:

Graduate Application Deadlines
Spring Graduation - October 1
Summer Graduation - March 1
Fall Graduation - August 1

*To access the Online Graduation Application and Fee Payment, logon to MyUWG, click on the Banweb tab, select "Student Services & Financial Aid", and then, "Graduation Application". 

Step 2. If you have selected a Thesis or Dissertation track, then you must follow the instructions in the Thesis & Dissertation Formatting Guidelines Handbook before submitting your document to the Format Reviewer for approval prior to printing and binding.

Two Format Reviewers work with students to approve final versions of theses and dissertations prior to printing and binding.

  • Dean's Office - Students in the College of Education should submit their document for review to the Dean's Office located in the Education Annex 219.
  • Ms. Annette Pritchett - Students in the School of Nursing and colleges other than the College of Education should submit their document for review to Ms. Annette Pritchett ( on the first floor of Sanford Hall.

After the defense and receipt of approval from the Format Reviewer, the student should pay binding fees at the UWG Cashier's Office in Aycock Hall. Print the required number of copies of your Thesis or Dissertation, plus additional copies if desired, and submit the printed copies of your Thesis or Dissertation to the Library for binding by the below deadline:

Spring Graduation - April 12
Summer Graduation - July 12
Fall Graduation - November 26

*If the deadline falls on a weekend or holiday, then it is due to the Library on the following workday by 5:00 p.m.

Step 3. If you are obtaining a Master of Arts (M.A.) in English or History, you will need to satisfy the Foreign Language Proficiency degree requirement. Click here if you would like to see additional information on the Graduate Foreign Language Exam schedule and process.

Step 4. Meet with your Advisor or Program Coordinator to ensure that you have completed or will complete all of your program requirements.

Step 5. Check your MyUWG email account frequently for updates on your graduation status.

Step 6. A tentative list of potential Summer 2015 graduate graduation candidates will be available shortly before mid-term.  This list is not confirmation that those included are meeting all degree requirements.  Final grades have not been submitted for summer 2015 and student graduation is contingent upon the grades recorded.  The list is a representation of students that have applied for graduation and are possible graduation candidates. For any questions please contact the graduation team at from your myUWG email account. Please remember to include your student ID number. 

Step 7. Pay all fees owed to the University. This includes parking tickets, obligations to the library, or any other departmental fees.

Step 8. Complete the Alumni Information Form

Step 9. If your graduation plans change or you need to be deferred, please contact the Graduation Team at

Step 10. Click here to return to Graduation page to learn about other important details.