Banweb Registration Error Messages

Below is a list of restriction messages that may be encountered while registering on Banweb.  This list includes what they mean and what action you should take to resolve the conflict.   

  • Class Restriction - Your class (Fr, So, Jr, Sr, Gr) prevents you from taking this course.  It is restricted for certain class levels only.
  • Closed Section - The enrollment in this course has reached its limit.  The maximum number of seats has been reached.
  • College Restriction - Certain Colleges are excluded from taking this course.  You must be declared as a major of that College.
  • Corq ___ Req - This course has a co-requisite.  You must register for both courses at the same time by entering the CRN’s in the Add Class block.
  • Depart. Approval Required - This course requires departmental approval.  You may seek permission to add this course from the Chairperson of the Department teaching the course.  The department must enter a system "over ride."
  • Invalid CRN - This course has the same course number as a course already on your schedule. If it is a varying topics course, you will need to receive a duplicate course override.
  • Level Restriction - Undergraduate students cannot register for graduate level courses.
  • Major Restriction - Only students with selected majors may register for this course. See the Department Chairperson if you wish to take this course as an elective or use it toward a minor.
  • Maximum Hours Exceeded - You need overload permission to add this course to your schedule.  You must bring written permission from the Dean of your College to the Enrollment Services Center to get an over ride. 
  • Preq and Test Score Error - This course has a pre-requisite which you have not met.  You may seek special permission to add the course from the Chairperson of the Department teaching the course.
  • Time Conflict with 10670 - This course has a time conflict with a course already on your schedule. Use the pull down menu in the action field to drop the course causing the conflict, enter the new course CRN in the Add Class block, and click on Submit Changes.