Academic Advisement



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Students are assigned to departments for advising based on their majors or programs of study. 

Departments will direct students to the appropriate advisor within the major or program, depending on program requirements and areas of faculty expertise.  For additional information on Academic Advising, see our Academic Advising at UWG home page.


Who's My Advisor?

All students who have declared a major or have a specific field of interest, with exceptions noted below, will be advised in the department of their major or area of interest.  Academic departments may assign advisees to individual faculty members based upon the student’s plan of study.

  • All freshmen who are undecided about a major will be advised in the EXCEL Center, UCC.
  • Secondary Education majors should see their subject (math, history, etc.) advisor for all core/subject classes and then see the College of Education advisor for all education classes.
  • Honors students will be advised in the Honors House by the Dean of the Honors College, staff members of the Honors College, or a member of the Honors College Committee.
  • All joint enrolled high school students, including The Advanced Academy, will be advised in the Honors House.
  • All students with one or more learning support requirements or college preparatory curriculum deficiencies will be advised in the Department of Learning Support, Strozier Hall 110.

eCore students will be advised by their academic advisor, but should consult with the eCore Advisor before enrolling in eCore courses.  To talk with an eCore Advisor, call the eCore Helpline at 678-839-5300 and ask to speak with an eCore Advisor.  Any student interested in enrolling in an eCore course(s) must first take the eCore Online Orientation (and short quiz) unless taken previously.  For registration instructions go to:

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Locations of Academic Programs for Advising


 Program  Location
 Accounting/Finance  Adamson 202A
 Anthropology  Anthropology Bldg. 01-B
 Art  Human 322
 Biology  BioCm 160
 Chemistry  TLC 2135
 Computer Science  TLC 2200
 Early Childhood Education  COE Advisement Ctr. 240
 Economics  Bus 46
 English  TLC 2255
 Foreign Language  Cobb 107
 Geosciences  Cal 101
 History  TLC 3200
 Management/Bus. Sys.  Bus 110
 Marketing/Real Estate  Bus 161
 Mass Comm/Theatre  Human 139
 Math  Boyd 310
 Middle Grades Education  COE Advisement Ctr. 240
 Music  Human 105
 Nursing  EducA 264
 Philosophy  Human 1st Floor
 Physical Education  COE Advisement Ctr. 240 
 Physics  Boyd 222
 Political Sci./Planning  Pafford 140
 Psychology  Melson 123
 Secondary Education  COE Advisement Ctr. 240
 Sociology/Criminology  Pafford 217
 Special Education  COE Advisement Ctr. 240
 Speech-Language Pathology  COE Advisement Ctr. 240
 Sport Management  COE Advisement Ctr. 240