Online/Distance Course Information


What is a Distance Education Course?
An online or distance education course is one in which the students are geographically separated from the instructor more than 50% of the time.   All distance education courses are designated on the Banweb course listings with a ‘D’ or an ‘N’ in the section number. (Click here for a detailed listing of  course section codes for distance courses.)  Banweb may also provide specific information about the type of media used in the distance course. The University of West Georgia offers distance courses through two primary media, video conferencing and online via the Internet.  Distance education classes are charged separately and are not included with charges for on-campus courses.

Online courses are internet-based, and allow students to interact with the instructor and other students through e-mail, chat rooms, and bulletin boards. Course notes, assignments, projects and grades are often posted on web pages. UWG online courses utilize GeorgiaVIEW’s CourseDen Vista, a course management software located on a state server.

Some courses are taught completely through distance learning means, while others combine the technologies with the traditional class, requiring students to travel to campus for one or more class sessions.

Special Requirements for Online Courses
To take an online course, you must have internet access or be willing to travel to utilize the computers in the campus computer labs.

To view a list of minimum system requirements, go to:   

In addition to these requirements, you must be connected to the Internet by a reliable Internet Service Provider, and you will need to pass all the tests located on the below browser checker:   

Computer Experience
You will need some, but not a lot of experience navigating and using the Internet. Knowing how to attach document files to email and word processing skills are important in an online course environment. You do not need any previous experience with distance learning or GeorgiaVIEW CourseDen Vista, although you may want to go ahead and complete the tutorial before you start the course. To access the tutorial: e-mail for a tutorial account.

To test your computer’s ability to run GeorgiaVIEW CourseDen Vista, go to