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Room/Hall Change Requests

Please note the room change forms are due to your Resident Director no later than September 9, 2011 by noon. 


Please note that the Room Change Request Form needs to be submitted directly to your Resident Director

Both first-year and returning students should following the same process when seeking a room change.

o During the Room Change Period, you will be able to request one of the following:

A. One-for-one swap - students who know of another enrolled student with whom they would like to swap spaces will be able swap rooms following the completion of a Room Change Request Form by both students. First-year students may only swap rooms within first-year units/areas/buildings.

B. Vacancy pull-in - if a vacancy exists within a suite/apartment or a standard double occupancy room, students may request to move into that suite/apartment/room. The person who wishes to move into the existing vacancy must complete a Room Change Request Form and submit it to their RD. 

Residents will be contacted via their UWG email address with either a room change approval or denial notice.

As requests are reviewed for processing, please note, Housing and Residence Life reserves the right to assign any vacancy based upon the needs of the residential community and may therefore decline a request.

Improper Room Changes will result in a $50 improper room change fee.

Prior to seeking a room change every student should meet with his/her Resident Assistant (RA) or Resident Director (RD) who may be able to provide assistance with a difficult room/suitemate experience.  Students who meet with a RA may be referred to their RD for further assistance. The RD may also be able to recommend a swap between two students in the same area or know of available vacancies in the same area, if a room change is deemed necessary.

If a room change is recommended by the RD, the following room change options are available through the Department of Housing and Residence Life.


The consolidation process is a time of matching up residents who are without roommates. A person may be without a roommate for any number of reasons, including their former roommate's decision not to return or attend UWG or to change their room assignment. While we understand that some students will leave their roommate, anyone left in a double occupancy room without a roommate is expected to find a roommate or pay for single occupancy.

We subscribe to this consolidation process because there are a limited number of private rooms that are designated single occupancy based upon space availability in the residence halls. Private room residents are charged the single occupancy room rate.

Housing and Residence Life will send an email or letter to any student who our records show to be assigned to a double occupancy room alone once the room change period is completed. If a student is without a roommate, it is his/her responsibility to begin the consolidation process as instructed. Housing and Residence Life provides a list of possible roommates for the residents. During this time period, students are responsible for finding their own roommates, though Housing and Residence Life will assist in the process if a request is made.

Once a decision is made concerning a roommate choice, the student must notify Housing and Residence Life by completing a Room Change Request Form.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If, after the consolidation period, one student is occupying double accommodations, he or she will be charged a single occupancy room rate for the term, or will be assigned a roommate using the preferences indicated on their housing contract. This amount is 50% more than the double occupancy rate.