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Program Session I 10:00-10:50 AM

Do You Know What You Did Last Night?
Maria Glenn, Jordan Riles, Chelsea White (Savannah State University)
Biology 113
This exciting program will educate residents on sharing drinks and give information on sexually transmitted diseases. Enjoy a fruity smoothie while you're at it!!

You're Not Alone- Breaking the Cycle of Domestic Violence
Naia Tilghman, Darcey McCampbel, Alecia Liburd, Olachi Enyinnah, Alisa Livan Brittiny Prenell,
Shundrika Williams, Stacy Gordan, Eva Shultz, Cheyanna Smith (University of West Georgia)
Biology 114
The female members of PAW2S will present a program on domestic violence. We will explain and discuss the power and control
wheel, as well as share ways for people in these types of relationships to get help and get out.

Add Me On My FaceTweetTube Blog: Utilizing Technology and Social Media as a RA
Onica Matsika, Josh Turner (Gordon College)
Biology 118
Most of us have one: a cell phone, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, a blog. And all of us are one: resident assistants. So isn't it time to combine the two? View a presentation on how to use various technology mediums to effectively interact with your residents as well as your Residence Life team. Also, discuss with fellow RA's what they have done with success at their respective colleges and universities. So put away your typewriter, stop sending letters, and come learn how to really communicate.

Who Are YOU?
Uriel Moorer, Leslie Mack, Charles Young (University of West Georgia)
Biology 144
We will address the subject matter of assisting college freshmen with reference to transitioning from high school to college.

Burnout Support Group: The Aging Resident Assistant
Michael Brown (University of West Georgia)
Biology 148
Been an RA for a year and think you've done and seen it all? Two years? Three years? It can seem sometimes that there's nothing
new in this job, no goal to strive to attain. There's always more; you just need to find it. This session will give you some new
challenges to conquer, some strategies to avoid the dreaded burnout, and show you some opportunities to move ahead with your
department and re-energize your campus experience.

Mars vs. Venus
Rico Jordan, Cord Jennings, Matthew Simmons (Savannah State University)
Biology 151
Real Talk discussion about the diversity between men and women. You don't want to miss this talk show!!

Judge, Jury, and ... Educator (Advisor Oriented)
John Wright (Georgia College and State University)
Coliseum 2120
Student conduct hearings can be one of the most effective developmental interactions on a college campus, but do you find yourself dreading them? Join us for a roundtable discussion aimed at helping staff get the most out of the limited time you have with your students.

Unmasking Our Secrets
Ray Hayes Jr., Terrence Grant (Morehouse College)
Coliseum 2122
This program will seek to unmask self-hate as participants are taken through an experience focusing on the n-word and the word
b$#@! The program will examine how the Black community have embraced negative speak and the ways it has brought destruction to the community. The program will also examine how Caucasians and minorities have also begun to refer to themselves using these degrading terms.

Can You Get With This?
Karen Lingrell (University of West Georgia)
Coliseum 3006
Learn how to sell your RA position in the real world.

That's Not My Name
Alicia Buster, Jennifer Miles, Monique Douglas, Johnisha Sterling, Michael Britt, Katrina Fields, Courtney Gibson, Joshua
Neal, Brittany Weaver, Daniela Castillo (Columbus State University)
Coliseum 3008
The way we dress can say a lot about who we are, but it can also be misleading. We all deal with stereotypes in our daily lives. You stereotype others and others stereotype you, but are they always true or are they completely off base? Columbus State University RA's have created a fun way to show their residents how easy it is to stereotype others just by looking at them and how misleading thosestereotypes can be. So get ready for a fashion show like no other!

To Tell the Truth Our Own Spin on the Game Show Classic!
Antoine, Ian, Kim, Mike (Columbus State University)
Coliseum 3009
Win great prizes!!!! Can you judge a book by its cover? Come find out! This is a fun and interactive way to discuss stereotypes. We all have them and working with students with different backgrounds it is important not to characterize a group based on a
preconceived notion. We have awesome prizes, so hope to you at our program!

Come Get Your B.E.A.D.s! Building Efforts for Advertising and Direct Marketing
C.J. Mathis (University of West Georgia)
Education Center 3
If you have wondered what is the best way to get information to your residents about your programs and other campus opportunities but they never seem to be aware, then this is the session for you. Come learn basic concepts of marketing and advertising and how they can be used in residential communities. If you show us your stuff you may even leave with some beads...your ideas and active participation that is!

What Would MacGyver Do?
Colby Moss (University of Georgia)
Education Center 4
Want to create an innovative and entertaining event for the participants along with your audience, and then learn about "What would MacGyver do?" This program looks to give you all the materials and instructions to pull off this elaborate program geared to harnessing the creativity of your residents. We will also get to participate in one of the stages of the program. What can you do with a battery, steel wool, sticks, a paperclip, and some pixie sticks?

Dealing With Disputes in Your Residence Hall
Donjanea Fletcher, Dr. Anne Richards, Stacy Anderson, Patricia Pinkard, Dr. Bridgette Gunnels, Dr. Myrna Gantner
(University of West Georgia)
Education Center 5
The nature of residence hall living is prone to conflicts as students adjust to sharing a close space with someone they have never
stayed with or may not even know. As the “go to” person for students, the resident assistant (RA) is often faced with expectations of resolving these disputes. Because of this, it’s crucial that RAs have adequate conflict management skills. Moreover, it’s imperative that university and college housing departments have effective procedures for handling residence hall disputes. This program will provide resident hall staff with an enhanced understanding of the nature of conflict and effective conflict prevention and management skills. Program presenters will also discuss ways housing departments can enhance their conflict resolution process through connecting with their campus Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Program.


Program Session II 11:00-11:50 AM

What's Your Stereotype?
Mistie Butler, Olachi Enyinnah, Hillary Hudgins (University of West Georgia)
Biology 113
This is an interactive program where residents can actively explore stereotypes that they and others may have. Student will also get to experience feelings associated with those stereotypes.

Sexual Assault/Partner Violence on Campuses: Students Educating Students
Debra Dugan, Naia Tilghman, Cheyanne Smith, Darcy McCampbell, Eva Schultz, Olachi Enyinnah, Alecia Liburd, Alisa
Livan, Brittany Prenell, Shundrika Williams, Stacey Gordon (University of West Georgia)
Biology 114
Many universities are aware of violence in their student population. However, frequently we feel impotent to promote change. Debra Duga/PAW2S will define sexual assault and partner violence and identity strategies to prevent and to respond to victims of violence. The University of West Georgia has been proactive with marketing and assessments and will provide available resources.

Talk Dirty!!!
Angelica Watts, Emmanuel Thompson, Curtis Jefferies, & Kevin Glover (Georgia Southwestern State)
Biology 118
Want to teach your residents how words can get them in trouble!!! This program takes everyday phrases and illustrates the effect that words can have on those around you. This is a fun game that will help us all learn to watch what we say!!!

Itchin' and Burnin' ... How to Protect Yourself
Uriel Moorer, Courtney Ramsey, Cheyenne Smith, Collyn Ramsey, Jimmy Lamourt, Alecia Liburd, Ryan Grant, Stacy
Richardson, Amanda McCarty, Naia Tilghman (University of West Georgia)
Biology 144
This presentation will educate students on safe sax practices, abstinence, STIs and STDs, and contraceptives.

First-Year Student Success: Implement Your Own Living-Learning Community!
Regina Gavin and Katisha Mathis (Valdosta State University)
Biology 148
This presentation is geared towards an idea for a living-learning community entitled, “First Year Student Success” (F.Y.S.S.). This year-long program initiative is for first-year residence halls in order to provide needed peer/faculty support for students living away from home for the first time. In this community, RAs will conduct scheduled programs for academic/educational attainment and success, social interaction, diversity, community service, as well as faculty mentoring and tutoring. RAs will be shown the programs that would be implemented within the community, followed by fun scenarios, activities, skits, or chances to win prizes! For the spring semester, RAs can test these programs with residents, while also planning for the full program initiative to be carried out in the fall of 2010!

Aprons & Ties
Mary Golden, Ashley Weathers, Shanti Bazouma (University of Georgia)
Biology 151
Many people in today’s world feel that we have overcome gender discrimination, however, with quotes such as “Stay in a woman’s place” or “Be a Man” prove that there is still some existence of gender typing. These quotes are just some of the statements that help manifest the gender roles. A special exposition by ABC News showed in the 1990s called “The Fairer Sex?” reveals that we have farther to go to overcome gender stereotyping and discrimination than we think. “Aprons and Ties” hopes to manifest the gender stereotyping and discrimination that still occurs in the world by asking participants to come take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Experience the discrimination faced by that gender role by participating in a day in the life scenarios such as test-driving and buying a car, interviewing for a job, and more.

Wendell Scott, Ashley Weathers, Mary Golden, Aniekan Akpaninyie, Shanti Bazouma (University of Georgia)
Coliseum 2100
Don't have time to go to the gym? Want to get rid of that pesky stress? Well try out Resi-Robics! The only way to get in shape without leaving your room! Teach your residents the easy and convenient way to shed some calories while having fun at the same time! Today, learn how to do Hannah Montana's "Hoedown Throwdown" and a portion of the "Single Ladies" dance by THE Beyonce! They're easy, fun, and quick ways to break a sweat! Don't head to the dance floor... have the dance floor head to you!

Green Beads
Erin West, Laura Lamar (Georgia Tech)
Coliseum 2120
Learn how to easily turn your old magazines into works of art! Make jewelry, key chains, bookmarks, etc. using magazine articles and advertisements.

How Can I Do What You Do?
Shari Crandall (University of West Georgia)
Coliseum 2122
Have you ever wondered how you can be a housing professional? Do you love being an RA so much that you want to do it forever? Ifthe answer is yes, this session is for you. We will explore what it means to be a housing professional and the many career paths available to people who get a Masters in Student Affairs. We will also discuss the application process and how you can go to graduate school for FREE. That’s right…I said FREE!!!

The College Raiders
Kristen Simonton, Alfonce McKinney, Nicole Carter, Kandace Smith, Brittany Williams, Christelle Bakatukanda, Teresa
Rush, Tris Maddox (Savannah State University)
Coliseum 3006
Come experience a variety of TV shows that you see on television happen right before your eyes. Shows like "Room Raiders", "Hell Date", and others will be twisted to fit into the college experience.

That's What She Said!
Adam Robertson (University of West Georgia)
Coliseum 3008
Every wonder why residents approach some RA's and steer clear from others? Participants will understand how image and perception impact their job and how students interact with them. Discussion topics include: appearance, demeanor, behavior, and how to have a professional presence while still being a student!

Time to Retreat! (Advisor Oriented)
Dawn Vavrik Palmer (University of West Georgia)
Coliseum 3009
Want to plan a retreat with your RAs or hall council leaders but not sure where to start? Come join us and discuss options for all
budgets and develop retreat learning outcomes that will help you secure the necessary support and funding to get away for a day or overnight!

Green Pesticides: Get Rid of Creepy Crawlies Without Chemicals
Stephanie Forrester, Lindsay Comer (University of West Georgia)
Education Center 3
You know how it starts. You walk into your residence hall room, and you see one. Then you see another. And then you realize you’ve been invaded by a swarm of marauding intruders intent on taking down life as you know it... Okay, not really - it's just a few bugs but your residents are still freaking out. We'll show you how to combat common creepy crawlies using all natural ingredients (i.e. no harsh chemicals) that you can find in any local grocery store.

The Truth About Suicide: Real Stories of Depression in College
DJ Fletcher & Stacy Anderson (University of West Georgia)
Education Center 4
This program includes a 27-minute film developed by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention aimed to present mental health issues as they are commonly experienced by college students. The film will be followed by an open discussion led by Licensed Professional Counselors who serve the college student population.

Project One Housing: RA Counsel
Larry Heath Jr. (Georgia State University)
Education Center 5
Resident assistant counsel is a proposal for an organized consort of university resident assistants from each facility in a university
housing department. The objective of this counsel is to motivating stronger investment into Personnel/Human Resource Management regarding the procurement of valuable staff i.e. the resident assistant. The culmination of this presentation is to encourage the establishment of a Resident Assistant Counsel that will function to design programs and present recommendations to address the challenges in addition to methods for optimizing transferable attributes into and from the position of a resident assistant.


Program Session III 1:30-2:20 PM

What's Your Secret?
Andrea Judy (Georgia College and State University)
Biology 113
What's your dirty little secret? Post Secret is an ongoing community mail art project, created by Frank Warren, where people mail
their secrets anonymously on one side of a homemade postcard. Find out how to use this as a great way to get your residents involved, and maybe share some secrets of your own.

Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Treven Holcomb, Charlo Baine, Remy Jackson, Stefan Leu Lim, Elijah Zeyhoue (Morehouse College)
Biology 114
Based of the popular 80’s game and 90’s television show, Residents are given one hour to run around campus solving riddles,
geographical puzzles and more to find the world’s most notorious thief.

Shoot the Elephant
Thomas Coverson, Richard Williams (Morehouse College)
Biology 118
Often times the discussion around sexual health is taboo when it comes to males. At Morehouse College we aim to shoot this elephant by attacking these issues head on. This program will focus on tackling sexual health from a male perspective in interesting and captivating ways while highlighting the importance of male sexual maturity.

Dipping the Pen in Company Ink
David Berger, Kayla Thompson, Blake Bagwell (Kennesaw State University)
Biology 144
Ever wonder what it would be like to date someone in one's own department, or even one's own staff? Well, this presentation will
discuss some advantages and disadvantages, as well as some tips to dating successfully within one's department and/or staff.

Do You Have What It Takes to Break the Ice?
Brendan Akins, Meghan Conner (University of West Georgia)
Biology 148
Looking for new, innovative methods to break the barrier between you and your residents? Icebreakers are definitely the way to go! Prepare to have a great time playing different games that will help you become a better RA and simultaneously bond with others.

Striptease Trivia
Janella Tolbert, Jalynda Hudson, & Tionja Simmons (Savannah State University)
Biology 151
Can you handle it? Can you handle the strip tease? If you think you're bad come stop by and test your will power.

Express Yourself, Dress Yourself
Quincy Whitehead, Sharamie Ware, Chinnetta, Buford, Rosetta Reeves, Jalisha Calloway
(Savannah State University)
Coliseum 2120
This program is designed to gain the involvement of your residents by allowing them to come out and express their creativeness. They will become more socially aware of those in the residence halls.

PhD or Not? (Advisor Oriented)
Shari Crandall (University of West Georgia)
Coliseum 2122
Have you ever considered getting your Ph.D. in a student affairs related field of study? In this session we will explore what it means to return to the classroom, discuss the pros and cons of going to school full-time v/s part-time, and evaluate the differences between an Ed.D. and a Ph.D. We will also briefly explore possible research topics and the realities of writing a dissertation. Trust me; it really isn’t as scary or overwhelming as it looks!

Alcohol Awareness
Ron King, Collyn Ramsey, Jimmy Lamaourt, Alecia Libuard, Amanda McCarthy, Cheyanne Smith, Ryan Grant, Stacy
Richardson, Naia Tilghman (University of West Georgia)
Coliseum 3006
General information about alcohol and high risk drinking. Help students to discover personal boundaries and how to recognize the
signs of alcohol poisoning. We provide information about accessing the emergency system or where to get help for problematic

I'm Not Racist ... I Have A Black Friend
Uriel Moorer, Leslie Mack, Charles Young (University of West Georgia)
Coliseum 3008
Students will have an opportunity to walk in someone else’s shoes. "Someone else’s shoes" maybe of a different ethnic background, sex, sexual orientation, political affiliation, social economic class or religion.

Fill Your Jugs
Stephanie Forrester, Lindsay Comer, Lamar Buckley (University of West Georgia)
Coliseum 3009
Spirit shakers are a great way to recycle a used plastic water or drink bottle and annoy the heck out of your game-day opponents at the same time. These fun and handy bottles make a great alternative to cowbells and air horns at campus sporting events. Come make a spirit shaker in your school colors just in time for basketball season!

Flip This Job
Coretta King (University of West Georgia)
Education Center 2
Interactive program designed to teach participants to flip the skills gained from Residence Life to gain employment. Program will
cover the importance of standing out in the crowd in a tight economic environment. Participants will perform job search simulation exercises.

Drama! Say What?
Ajayi Monellm, Matthew Dockery, Elizabeth Vallish, Ashley Brooks, Matt Cobb, Chante Russell
(Georgia College and State University)
Education Center 3
This program will expose many of the familiar issues that Housing Staff members have to face seemingly every day with our
residents. Think you are the next great actor, or just like putting on a show? Come on and act out different scenarios and see how a
fellow RA would handle the situation. Drama...SAY WHAT! Let get it!

Residential Real World
Larry Heath Jr., Angela Marshall, Armond Walker, Matt Braham, Antonio Madison, and Brittanie Browning
(Georgia State University)
Education Center 4
The mission of Georgia State University Housing department is to provide quality on-campus housing to enhance the personal growth and development of students, furthermore to offer modern, safe, and secure facilities. The objective of this institution is to provide opportunities for intellectual and social engagement, and purposeful interactions between residents and staff. The University Commons Residence Hall C at GSU through innovative and resourceful community building initiatives. They produced a mock documentary that features prevalent housing violations and roommate conflicts.


Program Session IV 2:30-3:20 PM

Intimate Moments
Whitney Mack, Jasmine Bailey, Khristina Skeete, Josh Burston, Philip King, Daniella Neely, Shandreel Anderson,
Rebecca Holman, Lora Smith, Allison Williams (Columbus State University)
Biology 113
Imagine escaping from a long, stressful semester and entering into an atmosphere of complete tranquility. Imagine massages,
manicures, meditation, and the therapeutic oils creating an absolutly serene environment that allows you to lose thought of finals,
projects and last minute papers and only focus on enjoying your most intimate moments.

Advertising (To Drive Programming Traffic)
Silvina Guerreiro, Eric Beatty, Jasmine Brandon, Dinesh Dave, Shelley Dubois, Toni Matlack (SCAD – Atlanta)
Biology 114
Not sure how to be different in capturing attention for your ResLife program? SCAD-Atlanta breaks down how to create a relevant and thorough ad campaign that will surely stop your residents in their tracks and drive traffic to your program. Turns out, you don't have to go to an art school to be CREATIVE!

The R.E.B.E.L Living Learning Center
Jaz Grant, Jacobi Clifton (Morehouse College)
Biology 144
Taking everyday mavericks and challenging their unconventional behaviors by raising their expectations and building them into
extraordinary leaders, R.E.B.E.L House of Morehouse College focuses on unmasking the potential of residents. This learning
community is designed to help students acclimate to the collegiate environment while having a supportive, healthy, and holistic first year experience. Participants will learn how to help their residents make the transition from high school to college more effective, efficient, and enlightening.

Bang a Gong and Come Along: Diversity Programming 101
Tyler Martin (Valdosta State University)
Biology 148
Too timid to attempt diversity programming? This session will prepare you with all you need to create incredible diversity
programming for your residents. Come learn programming basics, techniques, and marketing; and leave ready to tackle diversitybased programming!

Century Club
Channin Campbell (Savannah State University)
Biology 151
Participants will take 100 shots, one every minute, to see who can join the "Century Club"

Don’t Drop the Ball
Timothy Speer, Chris Carver and Chris Norris (Georgia Southwestern State University)
Biology 241
What now! Everyone has certain goals and dreams but what happens when an unprecedented situation steps in your path? How do you get around that obstacle and get back on track? As a group we will go through different scenarios and come up with ways to face these obstacles.

The Game of Life
Brittany Barnes, Rebecca Kopp, Ariel Chan, Mandy Stein, Caitlin McKibben (University of Georgia)
Coliseum 2100
What if you were deaf and couldn’t speak English? What if you were pregnant and confined to a wheelchair? What if you had HIV? How would your life be different? The Game of Life is an interactive diversity program that gives residents the opportunity to experience the world through someone else’s eyes.

When Free Food Doesn't Work, What Do You Do? (Advisor Oriented)
Stephanie Bent, Desaree Murden (Georgia State University)
Coliseum 2120
As a Res Life professional, do you or your RAs have a hard time getting residents involved in the community? Do you find the
students who you serve asking "What's in it for me?" Here is a new answer to the question, a community rewards program. During
this program, you will learn about how we implemented a community rewards program at Georgia State University and how you can do the same.

Selling the Iron Chef
John Wright (Georgia College and State University)
Coliseum 2122
Advertising is about much more than just knowing how to ‘Click and Print.’ Skilled programmers know that advertising is about
reaching your audience and conveying a message. If you want to learn the ‘secret ingredient’, then come test your skills in our

A Series of Unusual Programs
Zachary Hein, Alex Goran (Kennesaw State University)
Coliseum 3006
This program is to help RAs step out of the box of cookie cutter programs of pizza and discussion. We will discuss some unusual
programs that we have made and challenge participants to develop their own programs. This is going to be hands on learning
experience and participation is mandatory.

Unveiling Your Creativity
Lize Olusoga and Chris Mackenzie (Kennesaw State University)
Coliseum 3008
Do you find yourself struggling to come up with great programs? Do you often worry about budgeting and being creative? Well come find out how to throw amazing programs at this mardi gras affair as we unveil your creativity!

Who You Calling a B***h?
La-Keasha Brown, Adonis J. Thompson (Valdosta State University)
Education Center 2
This program will consist of a lesson on RESPECT, as well as, address topics such as professionalism, programs, and staff
development. A staff that respects one another and loves one another will eventually perform well with each other.

Never Have I Ever!
Lady Mendez, Kalecia Holder (Georgia State University)
Education Center 3
Residents will be asked to engage in reflective thinking as they play a game of "Never have I ever!" The host RAs will say
controversial statements regarding a topic about substance abuse (for example: Never have I ever woken up and not known where I was). Residents will hold up ten fingers and are asked to be honest and put one finger down each time they admit to participating in the stated actions. Once they have put all fingers down, they will take a shot of Jell-O. The winners are those residents who have kept up the most fingers. Afterwards, residents will engage in a discussion on the topics stated. The purpose of this game is to make residents self-aware of their actions and the possible consequences to themselves and to their peers. All in hopes to make residents feel accountability for their choices and actions.

Ice..Ice Breakers!!
Kerensa Deterville (Savannah State University)
Education Center 4
An introductory program used to help students get to know each other and become comfortable in their new environment. A program full of fun and games to break the ice between residents and students!!