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Design your Future

Sophomore Experience

Did you know that most student change their major more than once during
their first two years of college? And that most students are unsure what
kind of career they’d like when they graduate? If this sounds like you,
you’re not alone! Join other 2nd year students in a community that gives
you an opportunity to learn about and explore major and career
opportunities. The Design Your Future – Sophomore Experience Community
will help you identify a career that aligns with your core values
through career exploration and development of strengths.

Where is the community located?

University Suites building 1

How many students are in the community?

There are 50 spaces for students in the related courses.

Can I live in this LLC with someone who is not participating in the program?

Yes, but you must both live in University Suites building 1.

Are there required courses?

Yes. Students in the community must take XIDS 2002: Making Decisions
during the fall 2011 semester. XIDS 2002 is a two-credit hour course that
fulfills core curriculum area B2.

To whom is the community open?

The Design Your Future Community is open to any 2nd year student with
less than 60 hours who is interested in clarifying their career path or
academic major.

Is there a fee for the community?

Yes. All LLCs require students to pay a $20 community fee each semester
to fund specialized community features.

Community partners brainstorm – Tedra White

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