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Asbestos Advisory

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This advisory is to alert UWG Housing and Residence Life building occupants that building components may be made of asbestos containing materials (ACM) or presumed asbestos containing materials (PACM) in halls constructed prior to 1980. These halls include the following:  Bowdon (1971), Boykin (1966), Downs (1969), Gunn (1965), Strozier Main (1964), Strozier Annex (1972), and Tyus (1973).  The university has inspected and tested materials throughout the university buildings in an effort to identify all locations of ACM and PACM.  Where ACM or PACM has been located, it was either removed or has been enclosed or encapsulated so as not to pose a hazard to your health.

 Asbestos containing materials is not a threat unless asbestos fibers become airborne due to aging, deterioration or because of damage as a result of tearing or drilling.  

To preclude the possibility of ACM or PACM becoming friable and airborne, we ask that each resident refrain from disturbing the ceiling, walls and floor surfaces within hallways or common areas.  Do not disturb insulation on pipes or floor tiles in your room or in common areas.  If you believe that asbestos containing materials have been damaged, report this to the 
ResSTAR desk at (678) 839-4718 or from any campus phone by dialing 9-4718, email or or

For your information, a list of building locations and a brief description of materials such as ceiling tiles, floor tiles or pipe insulation which are known to contain asbestos is available by contacting the Office of Risk Management/Environmental Health and Safety at 
678-839-6277 or emailing