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Charter Cable Packages

Charter Cable Student Contract

Effective immediately, students may contact Charter Cable directly and purchase channel packages tied to their individual rooms.  These packages include a receiver (HD or non-HD), remote, installation, and tech support as per any other residentially-based individual purchasing service from Charter Cable.   The following details each participant’s role within this new opportunity, and how we in Housing & Residence Life can assist students in obtaining channel packages.  Please read and make sure you understand all the information below before you call Charter Cable and set up service:


Student is treated as an individual, residential contract by Charter Cable, and has all rights, support, and options offered to any residentially-based customer.

Student is solely responsible for any fees, service charges, damages, and monthly bills as included in their contract with Charter Cable.

Student orders packages through Charter Cable by calling 1-888-692-8635 or by live chatting on the Charter Business website

Students can view packages online at and

Charter Cable has recommended the following address for students researching services through their websites: 302 Brumbelow Rd, GA, 30117.  Charter Cable reps have guaranteed that any level of service researched via this address will be available to students.

Currently, students can order the following packages (listed as “tiers”):

Basic (already in use), Extended (Basic with additional channels)

Sports tier*

Digital View Plus*

Faith and Values*

HD Ultra*



Digital View*

Pague TV*

Premium:  HBO , Encore , Cinemax, TMC , Starz*

  * requires digital receiver, PPV events possible with receiver

  May also purchase DVR units

  May not only purchase one channel or subset of channels; Charter Cable contracts only function in packaged tier format at this time


Charter Cable techs will set up two-hour service calls with individual students.  Calls for service must be rendered after 10 AM as per Housing & Residence Life internal policy in regards to staff entering student rooms.

At this time no card access will be given to Charter techs; students will be required to let Charter Cable techs into the respective buildings, escort them, and be present for service to be completed.

Currently, the following buildings are available for Cable Cable service based on how they are wired:



Arbor View










Greek Village





University Suites






Note: Buildings marked as “1-Way” are not eligible for additional services from Charter Cable at this time. 

Should you have any issues with cable service purchased from Charter, you should contact Charter Cable directly and speak with tech support.  If you are experiencing any cable issues and have not purchased additional services from Charter Cable, please call ITS directly (678-839-6587). Housing & Residence Life and ITS have been given special instructions in regards to routing your call should you contact either office in regards to cable issues:

Front Office:

Front office staff members receiving questions regarding student cable issues should route them accordingly based on whether they have Charter Cable-purchased cable or standard UWG cable, based on the following question:

Did you purchase cable service from Charter Cable?  If so, please call Charter Cable directly at xxx-xxx-xxxx for service, questions about billing, inquiries, etc.

If answer to questions #1 is no, route them to ITS, who handles all of our standard cable issues (through Charter Cable) at 678-839-6587.


ITS handles all cable requests as a service request, which is assigned to an ITS tech/routed to Charter Cable tech as needed.

ITS will still handle all cable-related calls for students who do not have contracts with Charter Cable.