Residence Life Home at The University of West Georgia

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Acceptable Appliances

Acceptable Appliances and Other Items 

for Residence Halls


(Greek Village does have some exceptions. Please refer to Greek Village HRL Regulations for specifics)





Vacuum (if you bring a rug)

• Non-Halogen light bulbs

3M removable Velcro strips/hooks

George Foreman grills

Automatic coffee makers

• Hot air popcorn poppers

• Magic Bullets and Blenders




 Personal microwave & refrigerator 

*Strozier and Gunn Halls do allow one microwave and small refrigerator per room.

Any appliance with an exposed heating element: toaster, toaster oven, hot plate

Space Heaters

• Candles, incense, fireworks, potpourri, gasoline, charcoal, lighter fluid--anything that needs a flame/spark to ignite.

• Computer Routers

• Halogen lamps

Sun lamps

• Ceiling fans

• Dart boards

Power tools (including but not limited to saws and drills)

Bed lofts

• Contact paper or any type of border with adhesive backing other than “post-it” type backing

TV wall mounts/brackets