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Residency Requirements

University of West Georgia requires all freshmen to reside on campus unless they are married or living with parents, at their permanent address, within an approved town which is found at the bottom of this page.  This policy applies to all students entering University of West Georgia and remains in effect until completion of two (2) semesters of residence or thirty (30) semester hours of academic work.

Waivers of the residency requirement are required for all freshman students who do not wish to reside on campus.

Waiver – If you wish to request a waiver of the University Residency Requirement in order to live at home with a parent, you must complete the enclosed form prior to the first official day of classes.  With this form, you must provide a letter of verification from parents or guardian of the necessity to commute from home.  A certified notary public to confirm the origin of the letter must notarize the signature of the parents or guardian.  Freshman students with a current housing contract who wish to request a waiver of the University Residency Requirement in order to live at home with parents or legal guardian must also buy out of the contract.

Exemption – If you are in the category of students exempt from the residency requirement, you must complete the section of the form for exempt students.

The following categories of freshman students will be exempt from the residency requirement following verification of their status:

21 years of age
Marriage – certified copy of marriage license required for students under 21
Independent financial status – Must provide supporting documentation 

Falsification of Records – Students will be held accountable for the accuracy of all information provided to the University.  Section 13.02 of the University of West Georgia Student Conduct Code prohibits students from intentionally furnishing false information to the University.  Violators of this regulation will be referred to the University discipline system.

Please be advised that completion of the form does not guarantee approval.  The University reserves the right to approve or deny the request based on established criteria.

Residency Requirement Waiver Form

List of Approved Towns for Exemption