Responsible Sexuality at The University of West Georgia

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Responsible Sexuality Committee

The Responsible Sexuality Committee (RxCom) of the University of West Georgia was formed to encourage students to protect themselves and others from harm with regard to sexually-related behavior.  











The aim of the committee is to educate students about sexuality, sexual issues, and healthy relationships and to promote healthy decision making regarding sexual behavior. 

Specifically, RxCom’s aim is to reduce the incidence of unwanted pregnancies, abortions, sexually-transmitted diseases, sexual assault, and date rape as well as other sexual, physical, or emotional abuse between and among students.

To accomplish these goals, RxCom, singly and in conjunction with other campus organizations, plans monthly events that serve to teach through entertainment, speakers, music, and discussion. Our hope is that these programs will be informative and enjoyable and will enable us to better understand each other and ourselves and will help one another feel more comfortable in discussing sensitive but significant issues.

In these ways, our committee is directly involved with the improvement of the quality of student life and the personal environment experienced at the University of West Georgia.

The membership of this committee includes students, University faculty and staff members, healthcare providers, mental health counselors, and members of the Carrollton Community.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the RxCom, or have questions about our goals and purpose, please contact one of our co-chairs.

Please see our calendar for a list of upcoming events.