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Ashley Lewis
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Misty Parham

SAC Mission

Our Mission

The Staff Advisory Council is part of the University System of Georgia Staff Council and represents the needs and concerns of staff at UWG. The Staff Advisory Council acts as an advisory body to the University President and shall act on behalf of the staff. Topics of discussion (past and present) include insurance, classification/compensation, employee recognition, tuition/fee waiver, diversity in the workplace, orientation/mentoring, benefits, resources, etc.

Work West Clothing

The Staff Advisory Council is excited to launch our new fundraiser by offering Work West apparel. This program is designed as a fundraiser to support our book scholarship program. All proceeds from the sale of each shirt (average of $2-$3 per shirt) will go directly to fund the book scholarship program. Shirt orders will be taken 2-3 times per year, depending on demand. If you have shirt suggestions, we would love to hear from you; email us at 

 Look for more information to come about the next pre-sale! 

Best of the West 2015

Staff Member of the Year 2015

Annette Pritchett, Academic Affairs

Employee of the Year 2015

Alexandra Mora-Suarez, Business & Finance

Book Scholarship