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Area 7 (SACS Report 2009-2010)

SACS Fifth-Year Interim Report for Physical Resources

Area 7: The institution operates and maintains physical facilities, both on and off campus, that appropriately serve the needs of the institution’s educational programs, support services, and other mission related activities. (Comprehensive Standard 3.11.3)

Judgment of Compliance

In Compliance


The department of Campus Planning and Facilities (CP&F) at the University of West Georgia provides facility, logistics, maintenance, construction planning, risk management, and environmental health and safety support to the fifth largest campus within the University System of Georgia.  The university’s commitment to the pursuit of “educational excellence in a personal learning environment” is supported through the diligent efforts of CP&F using cost-effective operations, continuous improvement, two-way communication, safety, and environmentally responsible methodology.

Supporting Documents

Facilities Summary and Assessment Processes
Master Plan
CP&F 2009 - Customer Satisfaction Report
2009 Institutional Cap Request Status
2009 Organizational Trust Survey Results
USG Policy for Major Repairs and Rehabilitation
APPA Award for Excellence
Georgia Oglethorpe Award, Inc.
USG Peer Review
Greek Village
Athletic Complex
Campus Center
Arbor View Apartments