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Area 8 (SACS 2009-2010)

UWG - SACS Fifth-Year Interim Report

Area 8: The institution evaluates success with respect to student achievement including, as appropriate, consideration of course completion, State licensing examination, and job placement rates. (Federal Requirement 4.1)

Judgment of Compliance

In Compliance


The real success of any educational institution is found in the success of its students. At UWG, we believe that our mission, values and practices “culminate in educational experiences that foster the development of thoughtful and productive leaders and citizens who make a positive impact throughout an increasingly global society” (UWG Mission Statement). Some of the ways to examine our success with respect to student achievement include student success after graduation, which can be measured through such things as job placement, success in licensure, graduation, and course completion rates. The Institutional Research and Planning office at UWG houses data such as graduation rates, retention and progression rates, grade distribution, and degrees conferred. They also produce 5-year departmental reports which show majors, graduation rates, student/faculty ratios, class size, and budgetary information in a longitudinal context. In addition, they produce the UWG FactBook, which contains enrollment and credit hour data, graduation data, and other data that is useful in examining and giving context to student success at UWG.

Career Services

Employment rates are tracked through the Alumni Survey Report.  Based on results of the most recent Alumni Survey, approximately 92 percent of our graduates found employment within 12 months after graduation, and 20 percent planned to attend graduate school. 

Licensure Exams

There are several programs where, upon completion, students seek licensure at the state level. The licensing examination results are maintained at the appropriate unit, where they are used to modify curricula at the program level.

Examples are provided for nursing, where all of the students who graduated from our BSN program (2000-2008) have passed the NCLEX-RN exam either on the first or subsequent attempts. UWG has a 4-year average of 93% on first time pass rates. When compared with other USG schools with BSN programs, our passing rate is excellent – only two schools have higher rates.

Our education programs also have high pass rates, including a 96% pass rate on the GACE (Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators) for the 2007-2008 school year.

In psychology, all students who graduated on the clinical track since 2004 are either fully licensed, have Associate Licenses (which allows them to practice under supervision while accumulating practicum hours toward full licensure), or have gone on to doctoral programs.

Supporting Documents

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