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Area 13 (SACS 2009-2010)

UWG SACS Fifth-Year Interim Report

Area 13: Recruitment materials and presentations accurately represent the institution’s practices and policies (Federal Requirement 4.6).

Judgment of Compliance

In Compliance


The Office of University Communications and Marketing, the Office of Admissions and the Graduate School are responsible for admissions and student recruitment materials.  All student recruitment pieces must be created or approved by these departments.  All course listings and degree requirement listings that are included in recruitment materials must be approved by the UWG Registrar’s Office.

Recruitment Materials for Undergraduates

The mission of the University of West Georgia’s Undergraduate Admissions Office is to attract a qualified and diverse student body consistent with the mission and goals of the overall institution.  Throughout its interactions with constituents, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions makes every effort to communicate the University’s expectations, programs, and services to prospective students and parents to ensure a successful student-institution fit.  Specific care and focus is afforded to recruitment material and practices in order to ensure that both content and accuracy are carefully reviewed and considered so that each piece reflects appropriate messaging and content.

The Undergraduate Admissions Office assigns one admissions representative to oversee the design and printing process of admissions publications, as well as the content of the Admission’s Office Information Session Presentation.  In tandem with the Office of Communication and Marketing, the redesign of new marketing materials for the next recruitment year begins during the preceding spring semester. During the design phase, careful consideration is given to the visual identity and design standards set forth by the university in the Visual Identity and Licensing Guidelines. 

After the development of “draft” publications, the material is reviewed by senior admissions staff members including, but not limited to, the Director of Admissions and the Associate Director of Admissions.  Careful review of application deadlines, application fees, academic course offerings, and student life offerings within each publication are reviewed by this upper-level staff as well as other entry level staff members to ensure accuracy.  When necessary, academic faculty and staff are consulted to ensure correct departmental and major information.  This same process is used with the deployment of web content on the Admissions website; however, all web related material is managed by the Assistant Director of Operations within the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

The Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Statement and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Statement are printed in both the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs under the heading “Compliance” on the inside front covers. The university's Purchasing Office accounts for consistency in bid printing procedures by working with the Office of Publications and Printing to obtain bids for any printing not produced in-house or on state contract. Print jobs from $10,000 up to $99,999.99 are posted on-line to the Georgia Procurement Registry, with printing specifications provided by Publications and Printing.

Content Management System

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions, via its use of Banner, offers its PREP (Pre-Registration and Enrollment Preparation) service to incoming and admitted students. Throughout the admissions process, this communication tool is used to provide students with important information related to admission status, immunization status, housing assignment, financial aid information, and transfer evaluation decisions.  In addition, admitted students are invited to join the UWG Connection.  This service offers a social networking component that allows accepted students to interact with each other.  In addition, it allows for admissions personnel and selected current students to interact with incoming students.  Interaction is monitored to make sure it is within expected admissions messaging guidelines.

Recruitment Materials for Graduate Students

The mission of the Graduate School, which is consistent with the mission and vision of the University of West Georgia, is to provide well-qualified students with the opportunity to engage in research, advanced study, creative activities, and personal development to become teachers, scholars, and practitioners in their chosen professions. The Graduate School awards masters, educational specialist, and doctoral degrees in selected areas. Graduate programs result in the creation of new knowledge and information and benefit undergraduate instruction.

The Graduate School collaborates with the Office of University Communications and Marketing, College of Arts & Sciences, College of Education, the Richards College of Business, School of Nursing, Undergraduate Admissions, and the Office of International Services and Programs to effectively promote graduate education at the University of West Georgia by advertising and marketing UWG's programs to the University community and public at large. The Graduate School works closely with academic departments in all colleges and the School of Nursing to ensure the accuracy of information published in printed materials, online, or in broadcast media. The Graduate School’s primary focus is ensuring that our web site and free listings on other web sites provide the most current information.

The Director of Graduate Admissions, with assistance from the Dean of the Graduate School, oversees the design and printing process of graduate admissions publications. The Dean of the Graduate School and members of a Committee on Graduate Studies (COGS) subcommittee are charged with the responsibility of reviewing proposals and awarding funding for departmental recruitment efforts. Departments receiving funding provide written reports to the Dean of the Graduate School at the end of each fiscal year indicating how funds were spent and how effective their recruitment initiates were on enrollments for their respective departments.

Content Management System

The Graduate School uses Banner (PREP – Pre-Registration & Enrollment Preparation) as its primary student information system. Applicants use Banner throughout the application process to review their admissions and immunization status. Current students can use Banner (BanWeb) to view personal information, admissions information, registration, academic records, and financial aid.

The Graduate School recently began using Hobsons Connect, an enrollment management tool, and ApplyYourself, Hobsons online application, to assist in recruiting and tracking prospective and current graduate students.

Adoption of Policies and Procedures

The Dean of the Graduate School is the Chief Executive Officer and the Committee on Graduate Studies (COGS) is the policy-recommending body of the Graduate School. The Committee on Graduate Studies is comprised of representatives from all departments offering graduate programs and representatives from the Faculty Senate. New program proposals, program deletions, action items, and informational items approved by COGS are presented to the Faculty Senate if necessary.
Prospective Undergraduate Student Information

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