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2. Core requirements

Core Requirement:

2.3 The institution has a chief executive officer whose primary responsibility is to the institution and who is not the presiding officer of the board. (See Commission policy Core Requirement 2.3: Documenting an Alternate Approach.") (Chief Executive Officer)

Statement of Compliance:   In Compliance.


The Bylaws of the Board of Regents in § VI: Heads of Institutions of the University System of Georgia and the Policy Manual of the Board of Regents Section 2.5.1: Executive Head of Institution stipulate:

 "The president of each institution in the University System shall be the executive head of the institution and of all its departments and shall exercise such supervision and direction as will promote the effective and efficient operation of the institution. He or she shall be responsible to the Chancellor or his/her designee for the operation and management of the institution and for the execution of all directives of the Board and the Chancellor" ((Bylaws of the BOR §VI), [1])


"The president’s discretionary powers shall be broad enough to enable him/her to discharge these responsibilities (BOR Minutes, 1972-74, pp. 69-71; 1977-78, pp. 167-168; April, 2007, pp. 76-77)" (BOR Policy Manual §2.5.1 [2]).

The President of the University of West Georgia is Dr. Kyle Marrero.

As the chief executive officer of the Institution, Dr. Marrero is responsible to the Board of Regents, which has authority to hire, evaluate, and dismiss him, and to the Chancellor of the University System of Georgia (Board of Regents Organizational Chart [3], [4], [5]).  Current Chairman of the Board of Regents is William "Dink" H. NeSmith, Jr. and the current Chancellor of the University System of Georgia is Henry "Hank" M. Huckaby who was named in July, 2011 to replace retiring Chancellor Erroll B. Davis Jr. [6]

Since the Chief Executive Officer of the institution and the Chair Chancellor of the Board of Regents (Chief Executive Officer) are two different people, the SACS policy statement on "Core Requirement 2.3: Documenting an Alternative Approach" [7] is not applicable.  

Supporting Documentation: