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2. Core requirements

Core Requirement:

2.7.2 The institution offers degree programs that embody a coherent course of study that is compatible with its stated mission and is based upon fields of study appropriate to higher education. (Program Content)

Statement of Compliance:   In Compliance.


The University of West Georgia Mission Statement: Purpose holds:  

“The University, a charter member of the University System of Georgia, is a comprehensive, residential institution providing selectively focused undergraduate and graduate public higher education primarily to the people of West Georgia. It is also committed to regional outreach through a collaborative network of external degree centers, course offerings at off-campus sites, and an extensive program of continuing education for personal and professional development. Opportunities for intellectual and personal development are provided through quality teaching, scholarly inquiry, creative endeavor, and service for the public good” [1].

As a University System of Georgia member, programs offered by the University of West Georgia must comply with the policies and expectations of the Board of Regents.  In this regard, all UWG programs must possess several specific characteristics intended to insure coherence, academic complexity appropriate to higher education, and alignment with the mission of the University of West Georgia and of the Board of Regents.   Needed characteristics and requirements for programs are detailed in the Board of Regents Policy Manual and in the Academic and Student Handbook of the Board of Regents.  Notable among these policies are those associated with:

Academic programs are offered through six colleges/schools at the University of West Georgia: College of Arts and Humanities, College of Science and Mathematics, College of Social Sciences, College of Education, Richards College of Business, and the School of Nursing. These programs are supported by the areas of the Honors College and Transdisciplinary programs (i.e. internationa Services and Programs, Honors progra, etc...) and Extended Learning (Continuing Education, online learning support, etc...). The six colleges/schools provide a variety of program offerings (see "Academic" section) [8], [9], [10], [11], [12], [13], most at both the undergraduate and graduate levels, all of which in their design and implementation insure that all aspects of the University of West Georgia Mission Statement obtain.  Each program offered at the University of West Georgia reflects the:

- Relevant policies of the Board of Regents (BOR Policy Manual 3.8 [3], 3.8.1 [3], 3.3.1 [4], and 3.6 [6],  and BOR Academic and Student Handbook 2.3.1/ 2.3.2 [7] , and 2.4 [5]),

- Compliance with Core Requirements: 2.7.3,

- SACS policies regarding Distance and Correspondence Education [14],

- SACS policies regarding Quality and Integrity of Undergraduate Degrees [15],

- Compliance Federal Requirement 4.2 as it affects coherence, alignment with mission, and appropriateness for higher education.

Notably, these same principles and requirements apply to all programs whether they are offered on-site or off-site and whether the delivery method is face-to-face or online (e.g. see (paragraph 3) of the Criminology Program example in the narrative for Core Requirement 2.7.1.  Support for compliance with Core Requirement 2.7.2 is furtherevidenced in the fact that multiple University of West Georgia programs maintain accreditation in their respective specialized, professional associations (more detail about this and a list of accredited programs is available in the narrative for Comprehensive Standards 3.6.1).

Supporting Documentation: