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3.13 Responsibility for compliance with other Commission policies

Comprehensive Standard:

3.13.2 The institution complies with the policies of the Commission on Colleges. (Policy compliance)

Applicable Policy Statement: The institution complies with the policies of the Commission on Colleges. "Collaborative Academic Arrangements: Policy and Procedures": member institutions are responsible for notifying and providing SACSCOC with signed final copies of agreements governing their collaborative academic arrangements (as defined in this policy). These arrangements must address the requirements set forth in the collaborative academic arrangements policy and procedures. For all such arrangements, SACSCOC-accredited institutions assume responsibility for (1) the integrity of the collaborative academic arrangements, (2) the quality of credits recorded on their transcripts, (3) compliance with accreditation requirements. (Collaborative Academic Arrangements: Policy and Procedures)

Statement of Compliance:   In Compliance.


The University of West Georgia is engaged in collaborative academic arrangements for the following three programs: WebMBA, Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in the European Union Studies, and eCore (University System of Georgia Core Curriculum). Each of these arrangements is guided by and complies with Board of Regents, UWG (Policy on Consortial Relationships, Faculty Handbook: Policy 512) [1], and SACS policies [2].  Detailed descriptions of the three programs are provided in the narrative for Comprehensive Standard 3.4.7.

The following table notes factors reflecting compliance with each of the three components of this Comprehensive Standard.  Documents and materials supporting the information in the table are available.






- All participating institutions must be AACSB accredited.

- Governed by the board including Dean of each participating business school.

- Each institution signs contract stipulating standards for academic and operational policies [3].

- Courses assessed annually with results reported to board for action.

- Credits are determined using BOR criteria and align with requirements for all other courses.

- Students admitted by West Georgia are considered UWG students with the transcript reflecting this.


- Program approved by the Board of Regents.

- Program approved by SACS.

- Substantive change approval granted by SACS.


European Union Studies

- Designed and approved by BOR with USG’s European Council [5], [6].

- Uses existing programs at each campus.

- Oversight by a Steering Committee including representatives of each participating institution.

- Student learning outcomes evaluated annually.

- All program courses are approved for inclusion in other programs and thus must meet the same requirements as all other approved courses.

- Students admitted by the University of West Georgia are considered UWG students with the transcript reflecting this.


- Program approved by BOR [7]

- Uses existing courses and does not require SACS change approval.


- Developed and approved by BOR Council on General Education (2000-2001) [8].

- Governed by eCore Subcommittee.

- Each institution must sign a Letter of Intent regarding program evaluation and operation[9].

- The University of West Georgia and the Board of Regents sign an eCore Service Agreement annually [10]

- All courses must be approved by the BOR and thus must conform to criteria for course expectations and time equaling or exceeding those of all other USG courses.

- Students’ transcripts are maintained by the institution to which they were admitted, with all eCore credits earned appearing on their transcripts accordingly.

- Program approved by BOR.

- Program approved by SACS.

- Substantive change approvals obtained as required.


Supporting Documentation: