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3.2 Governance and Administration

Comprehensive Standard:

3.2.10 The institution periodically evaluates the effectiveness of its administrators. (Administrative staff evaluations)

Statement of Compliance:   In Compliance.


The University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy Manual and the University of West Georgia Faculty Handbook identify the policies, procedures, and criteria that govern administrative staff evaluations. All senior administrators at the University of West Georgia are evaluated for efficacy on a periodic basis, including yearly performance reviews [1].

Evaluation of the President, Vice Presidents, and Academic Deans

Section of the University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy Manual [2] provides guidance as follows regarding the evaluation of senior administrative officers of the institution:

"Senior administrators shall be evaluated by the administrator’s supervisor, using a performance management instrument which emphasizes:

  1. Leadership qualities;
  2. Management style;
  3. Planning and organizing capacities;
  4. Effective communication skills;
  5. Accountability for diversity efforts and results; and;
  6. Success at meeting goals and objectives.

All senior administrators shall be evaluated by their subordinates (one level down) at least once every five (5) years. Evaluation results will be the basis for the senior administrator’s development plan."

Sections 104.04 and 104.05 of the University of West Georgia Faculty Handbook provide more specific details of the nature, conduct, and criteria to be applied to evaluation of senior officers:

UWG Faculty Handbook policies 104.04 and 104.05 were in place through November 10, 2011 [3], [4].

Procedures to govern the evaluation of academic deans were revised and approved by the Faculty Senate in November, 2011. The revised policy includes guidance for annual reviews conducted by the Provost, as well as comprehensive, periodic evaluations that give faculty, staff, and external stakeholders’ opportunities to contribute information useful for evaluating the performance of Academic Deans. The full version of the updated Faculty Handbook is provided in the supporting documents [5]. The updated policy on Evaluation of Academic Deans from the Faculty Handbook can be found in Sections 104.04-104.06 [6].

Evaluation of the President

The University System of Georgia Board of Regents evaluates the President of the institution. The current President of the University of West Georgia, Dr. Kyle Marrero, started in this position on July 1, 2013 [7]. Thus, his work has not been reviewed yet.

The previous President, Dr. Beheruz Sethna, retired on June 30, 2013, after 19 years in this position. He received the net results of the Board of Regents evaluations in a letter of renewal each year [8], [9].

Evaluation of the Vice Presidents

In accordance with the University System of Georgia Board of Regents policy, the evaluation program for vice-presidents is administered after their fifth year [2]. Of the four current vice presidents, only the Vice President of Business and Finance has provided this length of service to the institution [10]. The Vice President of Academic Affairs and the Vice President of Student Affairs and Enrollment Management have served two years and the Vice President for University Advancement has served one.

Evaluation of the Academic Deans

Deans’evaluations conducted between 2003 and 2012, followed procedures in the UWG Handbook, which were current during that time period. The UWG Faculty Senate approved a new Dean Evaluation Policy in November, 2011.

Under both the former and new policies, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs evaluate each Academic Dean yearly. Comprehensive periodic evaluations of Academic Deans with faculty participation were conducted every four to six years under the former policy.

The new Dean Evaluation policy directs the first periodic evaluation of an Academic Dean to follow the third full year of service (conducted in the fourth year) and every fourth year thereafter. Under the new policy, the Provost appoints a senior faculty member external to the college of the Dean under review to serve as the Chair of the Review Committee. Six additional Review Committee members are selected from within the College of the Dean under review; these six are selected by the elected faculty governance body of the College. The Review Committee is charged with collecting information about the performance of an Academic Dean. Findings of the Review Committee supplement information from other sources to provide the Provost with a comprehensive record of the Dean’s performance. Details regarding the required data collection elements, methodology, and reporting mechanisms can be viewed in the policy (104.04-104.06) [6].

For this SACS review, two Deans participated in comprehensive, periodic evaluations under the former policy. One Dean was evaluated under the new policy. The Dean's evaluations will be provided to the committee upon request.

While the report under consideration introduces the evaluation process of the administration, the reports for Comprehensive Standards 3.2.8 and 3.2.9 discuss qualifications of the administrative staff and provide policies regarding appointment, employment, and evaluation of all personnel.

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