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3.2 Governance and Administration

Comprehensive Standard:

3.2.9 The institution publishes policies regarding appointment, employment, and evaluation of all personnel. (Personnel appointment)

Statement of Compliance:   In Compliance.


Policies of the University of West Georgia for the appointment, employment, and evaluation of both faculty and staff are delimited and guided by policies established by the Board of Regents of the University System of Georgia. 

The foundation of policy for both faculty and staff is set forth in the Board of Regents Policy Manual, Section 8.0: (Personnel) [1]. Board of Regents Policy, Section 8.0 delineates the various personnel categories (policy 8.1) and then outlines the blanket policies that apply to all categories (policy 8.2).  The Board of Regents Policy Manual, Section 8.0 specifies additional policies regarding the appointment and employment of faculty (policy 8.3), which includes the requirement for the annual evaluation of faculty (policy 8.3.5), and the policies governing the promotion and tenure of tenure-track faculty (policy 8.3.6 and 8.3.7).  Board of Regents Policy Manual, Section 8.0 details the appointment of and length of service limitations for non-tenure-track faculty (policy 8.3.8), and for the dismissal of any faculty (policy 8.3.9). 

Policies associated with the appointment of faculty are further detailed in Section 4.0 of the University System of Georgia Academic and Student Affairs Handbook [2]. Policies applying to the appointment, employment, and evaluation of those classified as University System of Georgia employees are detailed in the University System of Georgia Human Resources Administrative Practices Manual [3]. All of these materials are available on the website for the University System of Georgia [4].                             

The University of West Georgia has developed policies regarding the appointment and employment of faculty and staff that are based upon those policies established by the Board of Regents. All relevant policies are effectively and regularly disseminated to all University of West Georgia employees. At the most general level, the UWG Human Resources (HR) website [5] provides access to the following policies and procedures:

-   BOR Specific Policies and Procedures [6]

-   Employee Handbook [7]

Detailed employment policies pertaining specifically to faculty are established in Article IV, Section 1 and Article V of the Statutes of the University of West Georgia [8] and further defined in Section 100 of the University of West Georgia Faculty Handbook [9].

All policies of both the Board of Regents policies and University of West Georgia pertaining to the recruitment and appointment of faculty members are aggregated and operationalized in the “Hiring Procedures for Faculty” document that was prepared by the Office of the Provost [10].  

The University of West Georgia policies and procedures are developed and approved through the following process:

Moreover, Board of Regents Policy 8.2.5 stipulates that:

“Each institution shall conduct a general employee orientation program for each new employee. Each new employee shall be responsible for reading and familiarizing himself/herself with the contents of the appropriate policy and/or procedures manuals at his/her institution. Copies shall be made available by Human Resources and/or in the departmental office of each new employee’s department chair or immediate supervisor” [1].

In order to comply with this particular BOR Policy and, at the same time, to ensure that faculty and staff are informed about the appointment and employment policies and procedures, the following actions take place:

In order to ensure that University of West Georgia employment practices are consistent with both Board of Regents and University of West Georgia policies, Human Resources and the office of the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs complete the required documentation at the point of hire within existing specified timeframes as stated in the Employee Handbook [12].

To ensure that performance expectations are being met and reviewed, University of West Georgia administrative and professional personnel evaluations are completed annually between the months of June 1 and July 31. This is a recent change/Addendum to our current UWG evaluation policy located in the UWG Employee Handbook [13]. The UWG evaluation processes are in compliance with the Board of Regents Human Resources Administrative Practice Manual and can be found under the Performance Evaluations in the Employee Relations section [14].

UWG has established a system of performance evaluations for all exempt and nonexempt staff. These evaluations are used for making decisions regarding transfer, promotion, demotion, retention, supervisory assistance, employee training and development and for consideration in salary determination. All classified employees are evaluated by the immediate supervisor or department head on an annual basis, no less frequently than in twelve month intervals. At a minimum, the following elements are considered: job knowledge, accuracy and quality, customer service, attendance and punctuality, productivity, supervision required, adaptability, organizational skills, communication skills and interpersonal relations/teamwork. The supervisor or department head is not restricted to the foregoing as criteria for performance evaluation. Employees in the six-month provisional period should have an informal written evaluation after three months of employment. The job performance of each University of West Georgia staff member should be appraised:

For the current SACS review, performance evaluations from fiscal year 2012 have been provided for three senior administrative officers (Assistant Vice Presidents) along with the performance evaluations of director-level administrative officers from the different divisions (from Business and Finance, Student Services, University Advancement, etc.) [15]. A sample job description for an Assistant Vice President has also been included for review [16].

A detailed explanation of the faculty performance measurement process can be found in comprehensive standard 3.2.10

Supporting Documentation: