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3.4 All Educational Programs

Comprehensive Standard:

3.4.11 For each major in a degree program, the institution assigns responsibility for program coordination, as well as for curriculum development and review, to persons academically qualified in the field. In those degree programs for which the institution does not identify a major, this requirement applies to a curricular area or concentration. (Academic program coordination)

Statement of Compliance:   In Compliance.


The University of West Georgia assigns responsibility for program coordination and curriculum development to persons academically qualified in the field. A list of all degree and certificate programs can be accessed below [1].  Each degree program and curricular area (defined as a minor or certificate in which a degree is not granted) is assigned a Program Director who assumes responsibility for program coordination and curriculum development. Some of the Program Directors also serve as Department Chairs; others are appointed by and serve at the discretion of the respective Department Chair. It is the Program Directors’ responsibility to lead faculty in their program or curricular area in the review of learning outcomes, curriculum, and assessment for the program certificate offerings. The qualifications of each Program Director and the degree or area for which they have stewardship are listed in the roster which can be accessed below [2].

Additionally, the University of West Georgia Faculty Senate has established committees that contribute to the process of approval and monitoring of program curriculum development and review. These committees are entitled the Undergraduate Academic Programs Committee (with a subcommittee titled the General Education Committee), and the Graduate Programs Committee. Information on the Faculty Senate and on each of these committees is provided below [3], [4], and [5].

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