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3.4 All Educational Programs

Comprehensive Standard:

3.4.4 The institution publishes policies that include criteria for evaluating, awarding, and accepting credit for transfer, experiential learning, credit by examination, Advanced Placement, and professional certificates that is consistent with its mission and ensures that course work and learning outcomes are at the collegiate level and comparable to the institution's own degree programs. The institution assumes responsibility for the academic quality of any course work or credit recorded on the institution's transcript. (See Commission policy "Collaborative Academic Arrangements") (Acceptance of academic credit)

Statement of Compliance:   In Compliance.


The University of West Georgia applies the University System of Georgia Board of Regents Policy 3.4.1 for determining the number of credits awarded for courses [1]. The 750 Minutes Rule requires that each course credit hour must have at least 750 minutes of engaged instruction.  The UWG Faculty Senate has recently approved an additional policy that provides the definition of the credit hour that covers the documentation of both in-class and out-of-class activity (Faculty Senate Minutes, December 7, 2012 (page 3) [2].

The Registrar and the Director of Admissions share responsibility for the admission of transfer students and the acceptance transfer credit at the University of West Georgia. The University of West Georgia transfer admission policies abide the Board of Regents Policy (specifically Sections,, and [3] and the Academic and Student Affairs Handbook [4], published in the Undergraduate Catalog [5], the Graduate Catalog [6] and posted on the Registrar’s website BOR Transfer Policy [7].

Undergraduate Admissions:

An undergraduate transfer applicant should request each college or university he or she has attended to send a transcript to the Office of Admissions. Upon receipt of all transcripts, the file is reviewed and a cumulative GPA is determined.  If the GPA is 2.0 or higher, the student is admitted to the university and the transcript(s) is forwarded to the Registrar’s Office for evaluation of credit [5].

Office of the Registrar:

Transfer credit is awarded for all college work earned through any college or university approved by its regional accrediting association, as long as similar credit is offered at West Georgia. Credit earned at a post-secondary institution that is not regionally accredited may be accepted at West Georgia if the course work is similar to the course work in the student's degree program at West Georgia, and if the course work is deemed to be collegiate level work. Credit earned at proprietary schools and technical institutions that are not Commission of Colleges (COC) accredited is not reviewed for transfer credit [7].

The Assistant Registrar for Transfer and his/her team evaluates undergraduate transcripts using specific evaluation processes that include the use of BANNER articulation tables. BANNER articulation tables house course articulation information from other institutions of higher education.  If a transfer student requests the acceptance for transfer of a course which is not listed in the BANNER articulation tables, then the assigned transfer credit evaluator examines the applicable course catalog of the originating institution to try and identify a course with a viable equivalent at the University of West Georgia [8], [9], [10]. If it is determined that there is no viable equivalent course at UWG, the transfer student may be awarded credit for a similar elective course.  Upon review by the Dean and/or Department Chair in the transfer student's chosen degree program, this elective credit may be applied as earned credit in that program. Each student is notified and given instruction on how to view their transfer credit evaluation using the University’s portal BANWEB. Transfer students, also, are notified if, between the time of acceptance for admission and the completion of the transfer credit review, they register for a course for which they were ultimately awarded transfer credit.  The transfer student may, then, choose to drop the course or choose to remain in the course. Additionally, a transfer student can seek a reevaluation of that transfer credit which was rejected for inclusion in the total credits needed for a major or minor from the Dean and/or Department Chair in the transfer student's chosen degree program.

Transcripts from graduate program transfer students are forwarded to the appropriate College Dean or Program Director for the evaluation of transfer credit.  Once the graduate program transcript has been evaluated by the appropriate college, it is returned to the Registrar's Office to post any transfer credit awarded to the student’s academic record.  The college has the responsibility of corresponding with the student concerning her or his transfer evaluation.  

Additionally, UWG students have an option of earning credit by examination. This option is covered in detail in the report for the Comprehensive Standard 3.4.8.

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