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3.4 All Educational Programs

Comprehensive Standard:

3.4.9 The institution provides appropriate academic support services. (Academic support services)

Statement of Compliance:   In Compliance.


The University of West Georgia mission states, "The University of West Georgia seeks to achieve preeminence in providing educational excellence in a personal environment through an intellectually stimulating and supportive community for its students, faculty, and staff" [1]. The University of West Georgia works toward the achievement of the institution mission by engagement in eight Essential Activities. One of the eight Essential Activities is providing Student Services. As set forth in the University of West Georgia Mission Statement:

The University of West Georgia pursues its purpose through the following activities:

"Student services, including outstanding first-year experiences, which increase opportunities for academic success and personal development and enhance the climate of campus life" [1].

To this end, the University of West Georgia provides a wide range of academic support services on the main campus, at all off-site instructional facilities, and online through the collaborative efforts of multiple departments.  The table below lists the academic support services that the University offers to the students:

Academic Support Service

Department/College /Division

Learning Support and Testing [2]


Writing Center [3]

English Department / College of Arts and Humanities

Library [4]


Computer Labs [5]

Information Technology and Services (ITS)

Student Information Technology Services (SITS) [6]

Information Technology and Services (ITS)

Excel Center [7]

Student Affairs

First-Year Programs [8]

Student Affairs

Second -Year Programs  (is under  the Excel Center) [9]

Student Affairs

Advising* [10]

All Colleges and Schools / Excel Center / Honors College

Counseling and Career Development Center [11]

Student Affairs

Research and Sponsored Projects [12]


 Usage data: Learning Support and Testing [13],  Writing Center [14], Library [15], Computer Labs [16], SITS [17], First-Year Programs [18],  Excel Center and Second-Year Programs [19], Counseling and Career Development Center [20], and Research and Sponsored Projects [21] (additional data is available upon request).

* Student Advising is handled differently in individual colleges/schools. Some colleges and schools have Advisors in place to advice students who have already declared their majors; some colleges conduct advising through Faculty; some colleges and schools send their students to Advisors at the Excel Center (all pre-psychology and early majors, pre-nursing, pre criminology and early majors, and pre mass communication pre and early majors).  

In addition to the academic support services and programs mentioned in the table above, the University of West Georgia has several laboratories for student use in various academic departments. For example: the Department of Anthropology has the Waring Archeological Laboratory [22], the Department of Mathematics has the Math Tutoring Center [23], the Department of Computer Sciences has the Computer Science Lab [24], and the Departments of Biology, Chemistry, Nursing, and Foreign Languages all offer laboratory facilities.

The University of West Georgia ensures that all academic support programs and services are adequate and appropriate to the needs of students and faculty through continuous assessment. Every academic department and service unit submits an annual report once a year with the result being integrated into the SACS Database. The report for Comprehensive Standard provides more details on the assessment of the programs and services mentioned in the table above.        

The University of West Georgia ensures that students and faculty have knowledge of and access to academic support services, including those participating in distance learning, correspondence programs, and at off-campus instructional sites, through several means: the University website, UWG Connection and Student Handbook [25], brochures (from the Admissions office) [26], and the Undergraduate and Graduate Catalogs [27], [28].

It is important to note that University of West Georgia online students and those attending off-campus sites at UWG have convenient access to the full range of services appropriate to support their programs in accordance with the requirements in the SACS policy on "Distance and Correspondence Education" [29]. The University developed a table "Comparison of Student Services Offered Face-to-Face and Externally/Online"  [30] that provides a detailed description of the similarities and differences in the student services that are offered to students attending traditional classes on the University of West Georgia campus, and to online students and students attending classes at off-campus sites.   

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