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4.8 Distance and Correspondence Education

Federal Requirement:

4.8.3 An institution that offers distance or correspondence education has a written procedure distributed at the time of registration or enrollment that notifies students of any projected additional student charges associated with verification of student identity. (Distance and correspondence education)

Statement of Compliance:   In Compliance.


Distance Education students at the University of West Georgia include those who take online courses through the university as well as those who enroll in eCore, the WebMBA program, and the European Union Studies Program.  Policies regarding the establishment of fees and the timely notification of students of the costs associated with any program, including the mentioned programs, follow the guidelines and the procedures set forth by the Board of Regents [1] and by the University of West Georgia. Compliance with the Federal Requirement 4.8 is informed by the SACS policy on "Distance and Correspondence Education" [2]. The institution no longer offers any correspondence courses.

Prior to registration, students are provided up-to-date information specifically regarding tuition and fees associated with distance courses, including detailed breakdowns and comparisons, on UWG’s distance education website [3] and the Bursar’s office website [4]. If there are any additional fees associated with verification of student identity (e.g. a proctored exam), those expenses are communicated up front in Banner during registration. Banner is the university-wide student information management system to store and manage electronic student information.  Students are informed of any additional charges associated with distance learning courses at the time of registration.

All eCore students are required to take at least one proctored exam and have their identity verified on site.  The students informed of the proctored exam requirement through the eCore website, and the potential cost related to taking a proctored exam [5].  

The Bursar’s office is ultimately responsible for ensuring the provisions of this standard are enforced though UWG Online provides updated information on its website for students interested in online courses and programs.

Supporting Documentation: