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Summer Studies Abroad in Costa Rica

April 26 - May 24, 2015

Come study Spanish in Heredia, Costa Rica, the City of Flowers! Over the course of four weeks, you can earn six credits for courses in Spanish language, culture, and literature at the 2000 through 4000-levels. Courses are taught by UWG faculty and by faculty at the host school, the Intercultura Centro de Idiomas. In additional to academic classes, you can also participate in extracurricular activities such as dance classes, cooking classes, film series, and conversation exchanges with Costa Rican university students. You will live and dine with Costa Rican families selected carefully by Intercultura for their friendliness, welcoming homes, and proximity to the school. Please see Intercultura's website at

Located approximately 20 minutes outside the capital city San Jose, Heredia is a picturesque colonial town, as well as home to Costa Rica's National University. It is within close driving distance of the 2015 excursion destinations, which are included in the program price:

La Paz Waterfall Gardens (day trip)

Arenal Volcano with Baldi Hot Springs (1 night)

Manuel Antonio National Park and Beaches (2 nights)

Bribri indigenous village, chocolate tour, hunting demonstration and lunch with a traditional medicine man and family (1 night)



Levi Bly '14

"Trying to capture the Costa Rican study abroad trip into words is like trying to capture a photo of a sunset or the moon – it just won’t do it justice. The only way I could begin to describe it is to say that it’s Pura Vida, but you won’t fully understand that until you go. I hiked through volcanic jungles, ate fruits I had never even heard of, relaxed in natural hot springs, almost got inked on by an octopus (not to mention my encounters with toucans, sloths, monkeys, iguanas, hummingbird colonies and the list goes on...). I climbed a palm tree for fresh coconuts, touched a waterfall, hung out with the Mayor of Heredia’s son, and drank some of the freshest and best coffee in the entire world. Oh yeah, and I learned some Spanish too. The school is full of wonderful people and the host families feel more like real family members that happen to live in a different country. You won’t regret going to Costa Rica with UWG’s study abroad program... if anything, you’ll regret missing out on one of the most amazing experiences of your life. Go find out what Pura Vida is all about; you can thank me later :)" 

pick-up soccer game with neighborhood kids


Shunte' Dennis '15

"¡PURA VIDA! I would encourage each and every student at the University of West Georgia to study abroad at least once during their undergraduate years. It's a great experience to live in and observe another culture outside of your own. Be ready try different foods, meet some very eccentric individuals, and scream "Pura Vida" (you'll find out what it means there) from the top of your lungs! It also helps you to build everlasting, unbreakable, bonds with new people. Many of the people I've met both from our excursions and members of the host family, have exchanged Facebook accounts for further contact. This year's study abroad program (May 2014) was my first time traveling via plane. I came home immediately wanting to travel again and I'm currently searching for another program for the next summer. It is truly an experience of a lifetime!"