Harry Nelson

Harry Nelson

Business Operations Specialist

Phone: 678-839-4903 | Fax: 678-839-5451

Email:  hnelson@westga.edu

Office: Technology Learning Center


    Harry Nelson joined the Department of Music in November 2008.

    Please contact Mr. Nelson if you have a question related to the following:

    Full-Time and Part-Time Faculty Paperwork

    Room Scheduling - Cashen Hall Scheduling - TCPA reservations

    Jury Scheduling

    Piano Tuning

    Concert Programs

    Concert Recordings - Recording Booth

    Press Releases & Campus Email Announcements

    Attendance Duty Roster

    Department Meeting Minutes

    Publications & Printing (brochures & newsletters)

    Web page updates, corrections, suggestions

    Work Orders

    Courses Taught

    • Spring 2014
      • MUSC-2600E (Principal Applied: Guitar) Section: 01
      • MUSC-4600E (Principal Applied: Guitar) Section: 01
    • Fall 2013
      • MUSC-4600E (Principal Applied: Guitar) Section: 01