Brad Deline

Brad Deline

Associate Professor

Phone: 678-839-4061 | Fax: 678-839-4071


Office: Callaway Science Building G-1-4

Hours: Tuesday 2-3
Wednesday 2-5
Thursday 2-3


I am a paleontologist with a focus on documenting and interpreting the diversity in organismal body forms through time. In particular, I am interested in examining the dynamics during major evolutionary transitions, such as the initial diversification of individual phyla as well as all metazoans along with exploring the methods used to illuminate these patterns. My research is often focused on patterns within echinoderms (particularly crinoids) exploring their paleobiology, systematics, morphology, taphonomy and early evolutionary history.


  • B.S., Geological Sciences, University of Michigan, 2003
  • M.S., Geology, University of Cincinnati, 2006
  • Ph.D., Geology, University of Cincinnati, 2009

Courses and Sections

  • Courses Taught
    • GEOL-1011K (Geology I and Lab)    
    • GEOL-1121 (Intro Geosciences I:Phys Geol)    
    • GEOL-1122 (Intro Geosciences II:Hist Geol)    
    • GEOL-1122L (Historical Geology Lab)    
    • GEOL-4024 (Paleontology)    
    • GEOL-4103 (Dinosaurs!)    
    • GEOL-4501 (Geology Seminar)    
  • Spring 2016 Sections
    • GEOL-1011K (Geology I and Lab) Section: 04G
    • GEOL-1122 (Intro Geosciences II:Hist Geol) Section: 01
    • GEOL-1122L (Historical Geology Lab) Section: 01
    • GEOL-4103 (Dinosaurs!) Section: 01
  • Fall 2015 Sections
    • GEOL-1011K (Geology I and Lab) Section: 09G
    • GEOL-1121 (Intro Geosciences I:Phys Geol) Section: 05
    • GEOL-4024 (Paleontology) Section: 01W
    • GEOL-4501 (Geology Seminar) Section: 01
  • Spring 2015 Sections
    • GEOL-1011K (Geology I and Lab) Section: 04G
    • GEOL-1122 (Intro Geosciences II:Hist Geol) Section: 01
    • GEOL-1122L (Historical Geology Lab) Section: 02
    • GEOL-4103 (Dinosaurs!) Section: 01

Selected Publications

  • Hetherington, A.J., Sherratt, E., Ruta, M., Wilkinson, M., Deline, B., and P.C.J. Donoghue. 2015. Do cladistics and morphometric data capture common patterns of morphological disparity. Palaeontology 58(3): 393-399. [View Publication]
  • Sumrall, C.D., Deline, B., Colmenar, J., Sheffield, S.L., and S. Zamora, S. 2015. New data on Late Ordovician (Katian) echinoderms from Sardinia, Italy.. Pp. 175-180. In: S. Zamora and I. Rábano eds., Progress in Echinoderm Paleontology.Publicaciones de [View Publication]
  • Deline, B. 2015. Quantifying morphological diversity in Early Paleozoic echinoderms. Pp. 45-48. In: S. Zamora and I. Rábano eds., Progress in Echinoderm Paleontology.Publicaciones del Instituto Geológico y minero de españa. Madrid. [View Publication]
  • Deline, B., S. Smallwood*, and T.M. Chowns. 2014. The limits of faunal gradient analysis; attempting to identify small-scale cyclicitiy within a monotonous carbonate facies (Bangor Limestone, Mississippian). Southeastern Geology 50(2): 83-92.
  • Deline, B. and K. M. Parsons-Hubbard, 2013. Experimentally observed soft-tissue preservation near a marine brine seep. Palaeontology. 56(4): 893-900. [View Publication]
  • Kammer, T., Sumrall, C., Zamora, S., Ausich, W., and B. Deline,2013. Oral Region Homologies in Paleozoic Crinoids and other Plesiomorphic Pentaradial Echinoderms. PLOS ONE 8(11): 1-16. [View Publication]
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  • Deline. B., W. I. Ausich, and C. E. Brett, 2012. Comparing taxonomic and geographic scales in the morphologic disparity of Ordovician through Early Silurian Laurentian Crinoids. Paleobiology 38(4), 538-553. [View Publication]
  • Ausich, W.I. and B. Deline, 2012. Macroevolutionary transition in crinoids following the Late Ordovician extinction event (Ordovician to Early Silurian). Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, and Palaeoecology. 361-362: 38-48. [View Publication]
  • Deline, B. and W. I. Ausich., 2011. Testing the Plateau; a Reexamination of Early Paleozoic Crinoid Disparity. Paleobiology 37(2): 214-236. [View Publication]
  • Deline, B. and J. J. Zambito, 2010. Mazon-creek style soft tissue preservation in the Mississippian Nancy Member of the Borden Formation, Northeastern Kentucky: evidence for early siderite precipitation. Southeastern Geology, 47(1), 41-47. [View Publication]
  • Sumrall, C.D. and Deline, B., 2009. A new species of the dual-mouthed paracrinoid Bistomiacystis and a redescription of Edrioaster priscus from the Upper Ordovician Curdsville Member of the Lexington Limestone. Journal of Paleontology 83(1): 135-139. [View Publication]
  • Deline, B., 2009. The effects of rarity and abundance distributions on measurements of local morphological disparity. Paleobiology 35:175-189. [View Publication]
  • Parsons-Hubbard, K. M., Powell, E. N., Raymond, A., Walker S., Brett, C., Ashton-Alcox, K., Shepard R. N., Krause R., and B. Deline. 2008. The taphonomic signature of a brine seep and the potential for Burgess Shale style preservation. Journal of Shellfi [View Publication]
  • Brett, C., Deline, B., Mclaughlin, P., 2008. Attachment, facies distribution, and life history strategies in crinoids from the Upper Ordovician of Kentucky. Pp.23-55. In: W. Ausich and G. Webster eds., Echinoderm Paleobiology, Indiana University Press.
  • Deline, B. 2008. The first evidence of predatory or parasitic drilling in stylophoran echinoderms. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica 53(4): 739-743. [View Publication]
  • Deline, B., Baumiller, T. K.; Hoffmeister, A. P.; Kaplan, P.; Kowalewski, M.. 2003. Edge-drilling on the brachiopod Perditocardinia cf. P. dubia from the Mississippian of Missouri (USA) Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. A. Aronowsky, ed.;  [View Publication]