Sara Phillips

Sara Phillips

Limited-Term Assistant Professor

Phone: 678-839-6458 | Fax: 678-839-6466


Office: Anthropology Building 8-B


    My interest is human osteology with a focus on warfare and health. Specifically, I conduct research on how warfare and health are affected by processes of societal integration and collapse. Dissertation title: Warriors, Victims and the Merely Accidental Prone: Facture Patterns in Moche Skeletal Remains from Northern Coastal Peru.

    Upper Level Course Offerings in Spring 2011: Case Studies in Physical Anthropology


    • M.A., Anthropology, Binghamton University, 2002
    • B.A., Anthropology, Binghamton University, 2002
    • Ph.D., Anthropology, Tulane University, 2009

    Courses and Sections

    • Courses Taught
      • ANTH-1100 (Faces of Culture)    
      • ANTH-1102 (Intro to Anthropology)    
      • ANTH-4885 (Plagues, Poxes & People)