L. Alexandria Hester

L. Alexandria Hester


Phone: 678-839-6518 | Fax: 678-839-4926

Email:  lhester@westga.edu

Office: Humanities Building

Hours: TR 1:30-4:30p
Virtual Hours
M 8-midnight

Courses and Sections

  • Courses Taught
    • COMM-1154 (Intro to Mass Communications)    
    • COMM-3313 (Public Relations Principles)    
    • COMM-3354 (Digital Social Media & Society)    
    • COMM-4451 (Public Relations Writing)    
  • Fall 2014 Sections
    • COMM-1154 (Intro to Mass Communications) Section: N02   [View Syllabus]
    • COMM-3313 (Public Relations Principles) Section: 02   [View Syllabus]