Mai Naito

Mai Naito, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Criminology

Phone: 678-839-5160 | Fax:


Office: Pafford Social Science Building 221


Dr. Naito joined the faculty of the Department of Criminology in August 2014 after receiving her Ph.D. in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University. Her undergraduate degree is in Criminal Justice from the University of West Florida, and a Masters degree from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her research agenda consists of wrongful convictions, specifically the legal aspects of eyewitness identification, and jury composition and decision-making. Her teaching interests include courts, criminal procedures, criminal law, judicial process, and other related topics.


  • B.A., Criminal Justice, University of West Florida, 2009
  • M.A., Criminology, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, 2010
  • Ph.D., Criminal Justice & Criminology, Sam Houston State University, 2014

Courses and Sections

  • Courses Taught
    • CRIM-2273 (Criminal Procedure)    
    • CRIM-2274 (American Criminal Courts)    
    • CRIM-4000 (Research Methodology)    
    • CRIM-4284 (Senior Capstone)    
    • CRIM-4712 (Law and Society)    
    • CRIM-6182 (Special Seminars)    
  • Spring 2016 Sections
    • CRIM-2273 (Criminal Procedure) Section: E01
    • CRIM-4000 (Research Methodology) Section: 01
  • Fall 2015 Sections
    • CRIM-2274 (American Criminal Courts) Section: 01
    • CRIM-4712 (Law and Society) Section: 01
    • CRIM-6182 (Special Seminars) Section: E01
  • Summer 2015 Sections
    • CRIM-2273 (Criminal Procedure) Section: E01
    • CRIM-4284 (Senior Capstone) Section: E01
  • Spring 2015 Sections
    • CRIM-2273 (Criminal Procedure) Section: E01
    • CRIM-2273 (Criminal Procedure) Section: 01
    • CRIM-4712 (Law and Society) Section: E01