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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Campus Agreement Subscription?

Campus Agreement Subscription from Microsoft is a licensing program specially created to address the unique needs of higher education institutions. Campus Agreement lets you bring your campus technology up to speed without breaking your budget. It is a simple, easy way to make needed software available to faculty, staff and students.

What is Office 365?

The University of West Georgia, in coordination with Microsoft, is now offering Office 365 Pro Plus to all currently enrolled, active students for free. This includes the latest version of the Microsoft Office Suite for up to 5 Windows or Mac computers as well as the Microsoft Office Mobile Suite for up to 5 mobile devices on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. In addition to Microsoft Office, students also have access to 1 TB (1024 GB) of online storage via Microsoft's OneDrive.

Can you explain how the programs work?

With Campus Agreement - Student Option, UWG can license students for use of a selection of products on their personally owned computers. At the end of the agreement, UWG can renew the license agreement, cancel out of the annual subscription model through the Buy-out Option or require removal of the software from student machines.

With Office 365, as long as you are an active, enrolled student at UWG, you can install Office on 5 desktops and laptops as well as 5 mobile devices, and use the included 1TB of online storage for any document backup that you need. 

What products are available in the current Campus Agreement Subscription for UWG Students?

Symantec Antivirus for 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. 

Is there an easy way to determine if my PC can handle the Windows 7 Upgrade?

Microsoft currently has a small application to help you determine if your XP/Vista system is ready for Windows 7. For more information and to download Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor, visit Also, you may refer to the Windows 7 FAQ Sheet by clicking here or it can be obtained by stopping by the Student Information Technology Services (SITS) office in Cobb Hall, room 122. 

Is there an easy way to determine if my PC can handle the Windows 8 Upgrade?

Microsoft currently has a small application to help you determine if your PC can run Windows 8. For more information and to download Windows 8 Upgrade Advisor, visit . In addition, to determine if your XP/Vista, or Windows 7 system is ready for Windows 8 you may click here

How can I activate Office 365 Pro Plus?

Activating Office 365 on any computer or mobile device is as simple as logging in with your myUWG email address and password, just as you do on the Office 365 portal site. 

Can I Get More Than One Software Product?

Office 365 is here to help you if you have more than one device. With our new Office 365 subscription service, you can download the latest version of Microsoft Office for up to five Windows desktops and laptops AND five mobile devices, for free!

How long is the subscription term?

The standard term is 12 months for SRS software. For Office 365, you will have access to the latest versions of Microsoft Office for as long as you are an active enrolled student at UWG. 

How does Student Option work?

Institutions that subscribe to Campus Agreement may also choose to license their students. With this option, students are licensed to use a selection of products on a personally-owned computer or an institution-owned computer designated for an individual student's exclusive use (i.e. a laptop checked out to a student for the school year.)

What does the Campus Agreement cost for students?

Currently all associated costs are covered by your Technology Fees.

What happens when students graduate? Can they legally keep the software on their personal machines?

Yes. As long as UWG has an active Campus Agreement with Student Option in place, students will legally own the software when they graduate. With the exception of graduating students covered under an active Campus Agreement, student licenses expire at the end of the subscription term. Campus Agreement software MUST be removed at the end of the subscription term if the Campus Agreement is not renewed.

And with the exception of Office 365, which is only available to currently enrolled students, and must be purchased once a student leaves UWG.

Example: A university Campus Agreement begins on July 30, 2010. In May 2011, one hundred students graduate. These students are legally licensed to keep the software on their personal machines when they graduate. If the university decides not to renew its Campus Agreement Student Option on July 30, 2011, all remaining students must remove the software from their machines. If the university has not renewed the Agreement and students graduate after July 30, 2011, they do not legally own the software license(s) and must remove it from their machines.

Is technical support included with Campus Agreement?

Your Campus Agreement does not include technical support from Microsoft. However, Student Information Technology Services (SITS) does provide basic technical assistance to all UWG students. 

For any Office 365 related questions, please email or visit SITS on campus.